BP’s PR Offensive

In a new TV commercial, BP CEO Tony Hayward is offering atonement to those affected by the oil spill. As Tony Guida reports, his apology isn’t winning hearts and minds on the Gulf coast.


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  1. @puttefnask your silly, bp is gay and all, but photographers can help more with the camera than they can with the hands…. think how that made you feel, he motivated more people and brought more awareness causing more good than if he tried fruitlessly to help some drowning bird.

  2. To those affected? That fucking asshole. The WHOLE HUMAN RACE is going to be affected! How stupid can they be? Wants his lie back – How about in maximum security prison until he rots. Or better yet – set him adrift in the oil and let him drink the water his company has poisoned. There's more to this than is being revealed. We need to press hard to get at the truth and save our oceans. This is a HUMAN LIFE ISSUE!

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