BRZ Resurrection Part 5 – Wheels, Spacers, & Rocket Bunny Test Fit

In this episode Chris fights the good fight with wheels, adapters, and proper wheel spacing for the rocket bunny kit.


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  1. Yo !! Have you had any dangerous problems with such large spacers?
    I drive in GT86 And i want install Rb kit.
    For the front fender it's 2inch spacer and for the rear ?

    Width of the tires and your wheels please ?
    I have 17×8 wheels and my tires are original.

    Front : 2inch ?
    Rear : 3inch ?

  2. A lot of you cats are missing the point ENTIRELY… They may not know exactly what their doing all the time, but that's where great builders come from: Trial and Error. I'm actually enjoying this, see a car being fixed up by someone who's passionate enough to not just send it to some shop. Anyone truly having an issue with this series has never really wrench'd on their own auto besides changing a dead batt or replacing a tire…

  3. Great job with the build! Btw, im running Works XD9 at the moment and am planning to get 'em powdercoated. Gonna switch back to stock wheels for a while. Im a noob on spacers so i need some help. Do I need to replace the studs as well and what's a good brand?

  4. What is the offset on the wheels? I am in the process of doing a rocket bunny v2 wide body kit on my car but I can't decide on what wheels to get. I want 17×9 inch wheels so I can have good clearance but I can't decide on the offset, I would like to do single piece wheels to save money and complexity and probably looking for a 30mm offset (or smaller). I know I'm going to have to run spacers but I don't necessarily want to run a 2 inch😂 any thoughts on what offset I should do?

  5. I doubt this BRZ will drift very well with them tyres, unless you change the engine or put some sort of forced induction on it, even with a turbo on the stock FA20 you won't see much power increase as the compression ratio of the FA20 is 12:5:1 it is way too high to put high boost pressure into it because it will blow up the engine, you should of changed the engine or pistons when it was easy to get to.

    too much grip and not much power.

  6. why would you use these spacers. get decent wheels with the right offset and width. spacers add a fuckton of unsprung weight. and are extremely bad on the wheel bearings. and this on a car that is all about handling … 🙂

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