Callers Share Their Big Penis Horror Stories

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  1. Some statistical facts since most people in the comments and in the video don't seem to know anything about this topic:
    1) 7" is already way above average, and 8" is massive and more than many women can handle
    2) 12" does not exist in this world. The largest ever confirmed is a bit under 10". Almost everyone lies about their size. The guys with 5" claim they have 7" (that is why you thots think 7" is average when 5" is actually) and the ones with 9" claim to be 12".
    3) In a group of 100 million men, there are 278 men who have 9" length or more, see for yourself from the statistics – This means that 99.93% of women who claim they have been with a man who has 9" are either lying or stupid

  2. my penis is 7.3inches long with 6.4-6inch girth (wish I had more girth tbh.. it fluctuates lol) .. women always guesstimate that it's 9 or longer lol I'm happy with what I've got, only one complaint so far, but that changed after a few minutes 😂 girth is apparently more important

  3. That is bullshit they complain how big the dude is all the time. Translation: it is a compliment. but when a man has a smaller one he got to put in the most work. no conversation just jokes and disappointing smiles.

  4. I been told mines always feel different never is the same size when erect according to how turned on I am My Girl always loves it. Had ex girlfriends want to ride again. So I say who cares theres someone for everyone find them and be happy. . But if your business is getting rip apart and no good orgasm involved and its just pain maybe it not meant for ya.

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