1/4 Mile Drag Race and Fuel Economy – Day 3 of Diesel Power Challenge 2013!

On Day 3 of Diesel Power Challenge, the 9 reader-selected trucks go head-to-to head in a bracket-style 1/4-mile drag race shootout at Bandimere Raceway in Colorado. Then it’s on to fuel economy testing in the Rocky Mountains.

Catch the entire week of Diesel Power Challenge 2013 programming on the Motor Trend channel August 5th through August 9th with a new video premiering each day!

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  1. the duramax that went 106 mph ran a high 12 low 13,  not a 16 sec pass….
    he rolled through the start on the brakes still………………..

  2. that 05 Dodge should be a 5.9 and the announcer said its a 6.7 witch didn't come out till 2007.5 so that kinda made me laugh but that was a sick run under 11 sec thats bad ass!!!

  3. You do know that diesels are way more efficient than most gas rigs on the road? Why even watch if your just gonna run your mouth? 

  4. Haha guess its pointless to tune a diesel and for most pointless to own these big dumb dirty diesels. My turbo wont spool!.. prbs cause you cause a shit ton of carbon build up all over the fuckin place

  5. Wow. Tuned diesels are even more unreliable than tuned turbo cars. This is just bad. Makes me wonder now why they're always trying to race my car. One or two hard launches and they'll just break.

  6. Gees 80% of these guys dont know how to drag race. they keep on tripping the start so even before they launch off the line the timer already started and they all are confused why it laid such a poor time.

  7. Its basically Russian roulette its like who brakes first who ever doesn't brake wins lol witch was the durmax and the Spartan 6.4 and the 6.7 witch the i have a 6.4 Spartan with a Leonidas tune 5 inch exhaust and a s@B cold air and I love it

  8. The dumbass Woosely had that thing sewn up until he forgot how to drag race and gave it away to Cato. He would've blown Beech out of the water.

  9. "So we had a drag competition."

    And everyone broke.

    C'mon Diesel Power, I know you try to pick average joe trucks but this would be much more entertaining with some high-stakes pro-tuner vs pro-tuner action.

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