1200hp Intercooler For The Twin Turbo Mr2 Is Ready!

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  1. It must have felt like a grind building that intercooler. I really liked the way you split the video up with the scooter session. Keep up the good work, you guys and Cletus make my day

  2. Dam man luv watching u weld yor like a fuckn prey mantis smashing it shoulda time lapsed the whole thing the welds are fuckn mint

  3. If you're welding for X item, grab a spare helmet and setup time lapse inside and show some sexy arc shots… etc..explain what your doing in voice over… make some content over a "boring" topic (cause there are tons of welding youtubers lol that get tons of views) Show us some weld porn 😛 Welds look great dude… Just got a TiG myself and going to learn it in my spare time.

  4. For the intercooler could you not just seal up the trunk making it watertight (with a drain plug) and surround the cooler in ice water, like giant water to air cooler?

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