125 mph, Standing Still: Tag Systems TS8000 Real Car Simulator

We get our first taste of the Tag Systems TS8000 Real Car Simulator, an Aussie-built, dyno-based system using real cars originally built to get street racers off the road.

Read the full story here: http://www.motortrend.com/features/performance/1103_jay_leno_tests_the_tag_systems_ts8000_simulator/index.html

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  1. just saying the graphics look like they are from the original playstation maybe a ps2. and how am I going to fit this in my living room :p

  2. not really convenient you have to supply the car the car doesnt move side to side or tilt theres no where to put it and if you put it outside im sure the neighbors will enjoy hearing your car running* and the graphics are bad lol jk*

  3. Please add motion. This is cool but it missing the most important factor. Add roll, yaw and pitch. Add surge, sway and heave. This would be sooo awesome if had that one thing.

  4. really Nothing will take racers off the street, say u got a nice fast car like a comaro or a mustang and another mustang or comaro and your at a two lane light. What would you do? u will still race the only way thay can get street racing off the roads if they put a gps and track what you do

  5. "Seeing everything move, without feeling everything move, is just very odd"

    Yeah, its called playing GT5 with a racing wheel. What a waste of a perfectly good 5 series.

  6. seems like unless they make it bang on too real life
    it could really mess with people
    didint look like it would handle the way a real car would
    but im not sure i didint drive it haha

  7. apart from the fact that a 50 bucks computer game is a better simulator, how do you cool the engine while doing 125mph? It's not a very convincing concept for street racers at all.

    If you want to get street racers of the road build more race tracks!

  8. if you want to get the closes thing to driving without literary driving then just jump into passenger seat thats what it there for

  9. So… you are in a driving simulator, and still wasting the gas you pay for? I am going to have to pass.

  10. I would find the "4star Formula 1 Simulator"(find on youtube) to be a better alternative to simulated driving. Just upscale to that screen and a better driver enclosure.

  11. @ziggyzedly Answer my last post instead of deflecting. Not name calling, describing you and your posts. Not going home either, just not wasting my time arguing with some dumbass loser on the internets (I know you are slow, so I'll let you know– I am talking about you).

  12. @ziggyzedly OK lets examine your post I replied to: ziggy said: "I see so many stupid little boy comments here, talking alot of shit, and not understanding what this system really can be capable of doing. Sad really"
    YOU are the one making "little boy" comments here so STFU and get off your high horse. Plus on top of that you obviously don't have a clue about the subject. I'm done wasting my time with you.. you little backwards dbag dumbass.

  13. @ziggyzedly I bet you $10,000 you are wrong and this pathetic machine makes no difference at all. A fireman, yeah that's qualification for driving simulators. WTF are you smoking down there?

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