1500hp Supra VS 1600hp TWIN TURBO Truck!

This INSANE giant turbo Supra battles the infamous twin turbo Red Dragon pickup you may have seen on Street Outlaws! The domestic vs Japense battle ensues and it was difficult to predict the outcome of this turbo vs turbo race! Twin turbo vs single turbo BATTLE!
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  1. yeah imports have done 6 seconds on track even 5s there's a couple of supras on YouTube but no truck has gone lower then 7s if you think I'm wrong do your research and send me the video info of the truck that has gone lower then 7s lol good luck and no trucks aren't dominant in quarter mile

  2. Truck boy's are just like the rice scene of the late 90's lol. Texas 2k is the best to show off , against the big boys!! just saying.

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