2000+hp Capable TWIN TURBO Chevelle SS – Shakedown Dyno!

FRESH off the assembly line, this guy just finished his twin 88mm turbo 1964 Chevelle that will inevitable see 2000hp or more! We were happy to hear this is a true street car that will take down anything he lines up against! Since he just got the car together, it is only on a measly 9 psi of boost. Once he turns it up to 24 psi, all hell will break loose and we should see a 2000hp number!
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  1. That is one hell of a setup in that beast. Reminds me of my buds 73 nova with a 572. Not as extreme but still badass also. Nice job

  2. lol yeah 2000 hp on 24lbs of boost I’m calling bs…. if its making 1000 on 9 lbs i don’t think people understand how a linear graph works… the engine is probably already 10:1 theres no way it will take 24lbs reliably. I’ve seen cars the make 2000+ hp and thats with 40+ lbs of boost with twin 98/95 turbos.

  3. Saw this car in a shop in Phoenix last week. Rebuilding the rear suspension it looked like. Still haven't seen it at any of the street races in Phoenix. 🙁

  4. love the Channel, love the American muscle. No replacement for displacement. 950 to the wheels, bloody hell! Forget 2000 hp!

    Respect – from Pakistan

  5. you should film more track cars, drag cars only do 1 thing, go fast in a straight line, track cars can do it all, go fast, handle well, brake well

  6. That car is f-n massive, body and engine wise. Damn good work to it. My question is, what is the model/name of those front weld rims on that car? Been wanting to switch out my RT-S weld rims on my challenger for those.

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