2009 Nissan GT-R Dyno Run Video

Watch as MT Technical Director Frank Markus answers one of the biggest questions surrounding the 2009 Nissan GT-R: Just how much power is the GT-R actually putting down?


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  1. The Veyron was built for one thing, which isn't tracktimes or quarter miles.
    It was built for top speed and does own all when it comes to that.

    As for it's Nurburgring times, it still does 7:40, which isn't a bad time, so they developed it to still handle rather wel, even with the rediculous power under the hood.

    As for your statement about the engine sizes, since when has that ever defined a cars speed around a track? To much power is a problem, not a plus.

  2. Why would you say that? The Veyron is a technical marvel when looked at the reason it was built, to be the fastest car to exist that was also road legal and a decent all round performer.

  3. @Miike92 I was being sarcastic haha. The GT-R is a great car, it's just not a true statement. You can't compare non existent times (There is no official lap time for the Veyron). However, the Top Gear track times are official and the Veyron SS is a second faster than the 2012 GT-R. That's all I'm saying.

  4. @ZuuL1555 official or not, its still a lap time and should somewhat describe the overall performance of the car. Actually, its a Nissan not a Datsun anymore. Datsun ended in 1983

  5. @Miike92 There are no official lap times for the Veyron on the Ring. Your statement is completely subjective. BUT The Veyron did set the third fastest time on the Top Gear circuit. Veyron SS: 1:16.8 & 2012 GT-R: 1:17.8 Nonetheless these two cars are not comparable starting with their names: One is a Bugatti, the other a Datsun.

  6. this is the best car now a days….it doesn't cost shitload of money like lambos ferraris porsches and so on…and also this car is FU**ING FAST!

  7. @emtildeath i'm from the US and live in Australia and yea they pronounce it differently here but whatever bro there's no right or wrong with this shit, fuck you!

  8. @showtime302
    you should also take into consideration that each motor is HAND built, so power numbers vary per car….. i've personally seen some dyno 430hp at the wheels and other at 480hp.

    And the 2008 model years had launch control…. AWD with launch control = easy 11's. 2009's didnt have LC, but the tranny ECU had some reprogramming and the cars still pulled 11's…… and the new 2011's will have LC and 0-60 times have already been released….

  9. i didn't even hear any noise! If you want to watch a cool dyno watch a honda civic cuz when it hits vtec its crazy and way better than this crappy car, thumbs up please.

  10. when a company makes a claim concerning HP they always make it with flywheel claims, when u do actual wheel horsepower in a high gear theres a lot more resistance especially high gear and AWD, number are going to be higher, turbos do love resistance

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