2010 New York: Scion iQ and tC Video

Detroit Editor Todd Lassa is on hand to talk about the new Scion iQ and tC at the 2010 New York Auto Show


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  1. -> Why oh why does the iQ comes only with the stupid CVT!? I want my M/T on my freaking iQ!!!! Oh well there does my basket…still better than the slow-reacting tranny of the Smart ForTwo. =/

  2. fuck why couldnt they keep the body the same??? i would LOVE a 2.5L + 6spd manual in my 08… but damn that body isnt worth it. i wouldnt take one even if it came with a v6.

  3. oh.. toyota ruined scion with the new XD and XB. as for the TC, have no idea whats the reason for that, toyota would have done better with a corolla 2 door than the TC! first gen XB/XA's will be desired more as time goes on. TOYOTA Please loose the extra weight on the current models too.. my 96, 5spd, 220k mi 4cyl camry gets better milage than a 2010 camry ever will, fat basts…

  4. @Alex050796 The Smart FourTwo is a two seater. Also, it's a copy of a whole bunch of city cars sold in Europe and Japan.

  5. The only reason I see the iQ being successful is if it were a Toyota where it has a better name. Scion isn't that great of a brand. and 4 seats in that iQ? I think I'll pass.

    The tC was decent but not that great. This…..although it has its own nicer looks, but it is uglier. Too bad.

  6. What did they do to the rear end of this car??? It looks horrible!! Its like the designers worked hard on the front end and just chicken-scratched the rear!!

  7. headlights look alil more bland, tail lights were cooler as clear but scion brand have never been attractive to me and its FWD platform doesn't help. Plus Nissan Cube > Kia soul > Honda element > scion xB

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