2011 Motor Trend Car of the Year Reveal

Join Motor Trend editor-in-chief Angus MacKenzie as he announces the Chevrolet Volt as the 2011 Motor Trend Car of the Year at the GM technical center in Warren, Michigan.


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  1. I test drove the Vehicle on October 25, 2013, It felt alive like my 2006 Mazda 6 without the noise. I bought the car that day it's July 2014. It's just an amazing car trust me it really is great. Can't wait for the Cadillac version to come out. I'll test drive that one some day.

  2. If you bought a $40,000 car that seats 4, limited cargo space, and still doesn't have the prestige and fun of a BMW or Audi…you really don't have any choice but to love it or you will just feel stupid for buying it.

    Americans will always love and patronize their products because they are patriots, but that doesn't mean that other countries will feel the same.

    That is not good thing for business is it?

    Toyota alone has more than 24 factories distributed around the globe…while GM…?

  3. Seriously, If you really believe that oil companies & OPEC hates the Volt it wouldn't even reach its first phase of development. The US is one the biggest investor in the oil business and if they indeed hate the Volt they wouldn't allow its production in the first place since GM is now ran through Government funding.

    I noticed you swaying around to avoid any discussion about the Volt. Unless GM rectifies some of the Volt's biggest flaws, this car will definitely fail big time.

  4. I really don't believe that OPEC would hate the Volt because first of all it still uses petrol and it still doesn't use a renewable source of energy. Second, the auto industry is not the only sector that uses oil, the Aviation, Maritime, and power generation industry are the biggest consumers of oil.

    The ones who would really hate the Volt are the car buyers who looks for an economical car that won't hurt their pockets. The Volt's Powertrain, Cabin, & Price are definitely its biggest failures.

  5. If that stand happens to magically transform into a toilet, I would definitely flush them all. Bunch of idiots!

    At least I got to see who are the people who are wasting my tax dollars.

  6. LOL! It's funny how your comment shows how confused and lost you are when sighting a target market for the Volt. The Prius can pretty much cover all what you have said at a lesser price.

    What is even more pathetic is the Volt is not really fuel efficient at the end because the fuel has to be replaced every year due to fuel quality deterioration. The Volt is more like a gimmick and only shows how disorganize is GM with their management and planning. The Volt is flawed

  7. Well, if you put it that way, am I not the market for an economical car? Someone who can readily buy a $40,000 car is not actually a kind of person who will squeeze every penny out of a gallon of fuel.

    What is GM's target market for then volt then?

    Economical – No, because it almost cost as a BMW or Audi
    Family – No, because again the cost is too much and seats only 4
    Spacious – Definitely a big NO
    Rich people – No, because of BMW and AUDI which can be also economical with their hi-tech diesel

  8. 30 global awards and bush senior bought one. Who cares? This is not politics!

    I rather buy a prius and be truly economical right from the start without having to spend 40,000 precious dollars. GM really missed the mark in creating an ECONOMICAL CAR. Maybe GM engineers & executives should go to Japan and learn some proper engineering and business planning. LMAO!

  9. Very good choice for a car of the year. The Volt cost almost 40,000 US fucking dollars and it seats only 4 people unlike normal cars which seats 5. How economical, but what I am going to do with the fifth member of my family?

    What part of ECONOMICAL did GM and MotorTrend did not understand?

    GM's true meaning might be Great Morons.

    I am sick and tired of these stupid old guys running GM. Hire some fresh brains please.

  10. The CEO of GM wants gas prices to rise higher to increase sales of the volt. He said it. Google it. Volt sales are not good and deservedly so.

  11. @m3RacerBitch
    Maybe you don't realize this, but BMW and Toyota got financial assistance from their respective home governments. Also, Kia and Mercedes Benz got tax breaks to build plants in Alabama and Georgia….is that fair?

    And for god's sake, it's "you're" in the context you are using, not "your". Your abhorrent lack of grammatical sense makes you look stupid every time you post.

  12. @m3RacerBitch
    Grammar lesson, please. You disgrace the name M3 by being such an uneducated moron.

    GM is still majority American-owned, dumbass. Since it is a publicly traded world company, the Chinese and Arabian countries are more than capable of buying shares (much like I can buy stock in BMW or Toyota).

    Green tech isn't a scam, it just needs more investment to bring initial costs down (and eventually get rid of government subsidies).

  13. 57 dislikes "an american who hates americans"

    Gentlemen, appreciate the fact that, you are living in a big country with big companies like GM.
    If you not value living in the U.S.. come on and live in the third world and you will understand my words.

  14. @hawkermustang
    I do agree that nuclear has to be a major part of a clean energy strategy (France and several other EU countries already get this, plus nuclear is much cheaper per megawatt than other clean alternatives).
    China is paying our debt because of an unsustainable trade deficit. We're going to have to start making things that people want to buy/export, and GM/Ford are leading the charge. It shows the quality of American engineering and manufacturing is on par with Germany or Japan.

  15. @alep85 The government is full of it. They do not really want to get the USA off foreign oil. Windmills, solar panels, and battery powered cars are a joke. The USA has not built a nuclear power plant since the 70's. They should us this money to pay down the 14+ trillion dollar debt. China is paying our debt and polluting like crazy in the process.

  16. @hawkermustang It's not a bailout, it's a tax credit to encourage people to invest in plug-in technology. Once demand and battery production picks up, these credits won't be necessary. I'm happy my country is willing to encourage adoption of technology that will reduce our eventual dependence on foreign oil. I know taxes and politics can be a polarizing subject, but I think that history will show that encouraging future car technologies via tax credits was the right choice.

  17. @igotwhips More than a couple of BIG oil companies are HEAVILY invested in hydrogen fuel advancements and setting up stations 🙂 I'm not going to say it'll happen soon where Hydrogen will be predominant on the road…but it will definitely happen within my lifetime I can assure you.

  18. @KhyronDesintegrado I don't think any automobile should be subsidized or penalized by the government. Any car that requires a subsidy to sell on the free market deserves no awards, including the LEAF!

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