2012 Buick Verano – First Test

We test the all-new 2012 Buick Verano to see how it stacks up during our battery of instrumented performance testing.


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  1. Apparently Buick's new standard is substantially lower than everyone else's. Let China have this tired, way-past-its-prime brand and give 'em GMC. Neither of them are worth anything anymore here.

  2. Dumb review, this car is all about a comfy efficient luxury econbox, not a performance car. Remember when luxury in the US was about the interior and the ride quality and not about some useless skidpad numbers and horsepower?

  3. As a matter of fact, i will someday. Buick never built anything I would willingly spend money on before, and sure as hell won't anytime soon. And by Dodges I hope you mean the Challenger SRT8 392.

  4. I really like the style of this car. Very classy and elegant, which is hard for a small car to pull off. Buick did a great job, even if the rear end looks like an angry cartoon face. I might consider one of these for my next car once my Versa bites the dust.

  5. i love a good pontiac, and this car may not be right for you. but if you were in charge of a car company, there isnt any good reason not to produce a compact luxury car in todays market. the new ATS is a great car too

  6. Even so, all this means shit to me if the car can't win a stoplight drag race or two. If this car is in any way good-looking, then I can look forward to marriage becoming outlawed in the near future. I can't wait to get my hands on another Pontiac so i can send Buick owners home crying.

  7. @oddjzpg yeah. nobody can believe about this quickly. And, you would be suprised how cheap you can buy this car through this website. you can also get it from here => bit.ly/S4JVYH?=uaggyh

  8. only someone who is hellbent on clogging the acceleration lane with this lame, chrome-crazy, ugly, over-priced, badge-engineered, FWD disappointment should buy this car. Basically just GM's Toyota Corolla. Our bailout money went completely to waste on a brand which will never be anything but mediocre.

  9. I completely agree! If you watch enough of these types of videos…I've found that for one car they'll say, for example, that "8.3 sec from 0-60 is zippy" or whatever, and with another car, that has the same 8.3 sec time, they'll say how slow it is. Which is it?

  10. And 8.3 sec is pretty good 0-60 time with a 180 hp 2.4 L Ecotec. And other reviewers that were found on YouTube actually found the Verano as a very good car. I've test droven it's pretty good. The only noise you hear is if you put it in manual mode, and rev the engine to 5k RPM, but most Buick shoppers won't do such a thing. And the GM z-link rear torsion beam suspension originated from earlier BMWs and is more of a combo beam/link rear suspension.

  11. All motor trend knows is performance … ugh… they review cars about as good as hitler distributed peace in the world. How does it do a uturn, how good is the sound system, how quiet is it, airbags? I sell them and I'm 27, they actually are quite nice… honestly

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