2012 Honda Civic lineup at the 2011 New York Auto Show

Honda brought its entire 2012 Honda Civic lineup to the 2011 New York Auto Show, we outline the changes to the new models.

Read full story here: http://www.motortrend.com/auto_shows/new_york/2011/1104_2012_honda_civic/index.html

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  1. Who could have anything but good things to say about the 2012 civic. Critic, Buyers and Shoppers will always have opinion. It is the opinion of Breakaway Honda that Honda has a winner with this car and when it is re-done it will only get better.


  2. @TerryFilming lots of buyers, it's simply is shifting targeting different prospects, which will probably going to be more profitable in the long term. but the core of what im saying is honda knows how to make proper legendary sport cars, or nimble light weight, high revving screaming engines that carve corners. honda makes best engines…hyundai is nothing against honda if they're both targeting the same thing… i still hate hyundai, it is not legendary and not classic, no character…hate it

  3. @TerryFilming there IS a fucking reason why honda is not ripping itself to hold up its performance oriented face. just follow the history and you'll get a clue, first prelude went extinct, NSX, then the Integra (RSX), then the s2000…but one thing, honda fans certainly aren't bragging about the 2012 si (to me its a cheat since honda didn't even make an engine, it just swapped a european accord or north american Acura TSX k24 engine in it). so honda isn't trying hard to get buyers it already has

  4. @AmroKaka22 GOD SHUT THE FUCK UP. Honda now relys on its already made "reputation" to sell cars. A week ago ConsumerReports kicked this car out of its reccomended list cause the car: SUCKED, look UGLY, and did so POOR during testing!
    Hyundai is superior. If you havent read, Peter Shreyer designs KIA. Shreyer used to design Volkswagen, AUDI, and even LAMBORGHINI. He designed the legendary Murcielago!

  5. @spencermel Nsx is also a v6 so whats your point? That speed is everything? "Nissan has always made better sportscars" Since when did i ever compare sports cars? So you bringing that up is pretty irrelevent. Whats the fast and the furious movies have anything to do with car designs? Youre an idiot prob a little bitch that only cares about how fast a car is. Nissans are ugly bulky pieces of shit.If hondas suck so much y are you watching a honda video? Please just shut up bitch.


  7. @willowcairns Hmmmm. I will reserve judgement until I get some seat time, but the interior looks like a total mess to me, and worse than the outgoing model IMO. Just not my cup of tea. I take offence to the "cheap as American cars" statement. The Cruze has a very nice interior, with cloth inserts on the dash! Its pleasing to the eye and I felt it was very well put together. The new Focus is also miles above previous generations (although not that great ergonomically IMO).

  8. Marsh, how would a turbo in this car shit all over chevys line up? You should really learn to keep your mouth shut, Honda owners always talk the most amount of shit out of all the other car owners, kind of ironic considering Civic are the slowest car on the road. To owners of fast Hondas, I am not talking shit to you or your cars, just to little boys who think there stock Civic is fast.

  9. Dualo: None of those cars (save the VW GTI) are as balanced and as much fun to drive. Mazda 3 ( crazy torque steer). Subaru WRX to much under steer) and to heavy. Ford? The mustang V6 is in a different class (that being said it outperforms all of the cars mentioned) The Mitsubishi EVO is one of the best performance cars on the plaint. It is also twice the price of the sI. For those of you that can fit in this car (i cant i am 6.5 feet tall) at 22 k this car is the most fun you can have.

  10. Looks good. Could be the best economy car you can buy. My only complaint is the Si, why it has less power than rivals from Mazda, Subaru, Mitsubishi, Ford, VW, etc is kind of pointless. Why not just drop that model if your not going to compete?

  11. @Mcgrady690 First of all your the only idiot here plucking figures out of thin air i suggest u get you facts right the bissimoto motor that your refering to produces 361 bhp which itstates on theOfficial Bisimoto website.. Let me guess i bet your one of those people that like to call out crazy hp figures without having a clue what it all means or how it works. And for your info a "banger" is an old, decrepit, and often nonfunctional automobile. I suggest b4 replying to me get your facts right.

  12. @Mcgrady690 not 361, try 415whp idiot (I also suggest you do some research as well as that other dumbass). and banger is an old phrase for four cylinder cars. Sorry I didn't realize..

  13. @Mcgrady690 not 361, try 415whp idiot (I also suggest you do some research as well as that other dumbass). and banger is an old phrase for four cylinder cars. Sorry I didn't realize..

  14. @H1mynameisLarry I dont know about the new ones being a good first car. They're pretty nimble but insurance is high because they get stolen alot from having interchangeable motors and they get torque steer after about 320bhp on stock suspension which isnt hard to make on them because parts are cheap and abundant.

  15. @H1mynameisLarry lol yeah theyre FWD with optional Quattro AWD but they are all pretty much full size sport luxury sedans/coupes/avant. Also, I should have added Audi A & S 3, 4 and 6 to the list of FWD sports cars. xD

  16. @luke26126 Dont get carried away the same 8 injector f22 engine equiped with Biismoto Cam gear, Bisimoto 13:1 pistons, aluminum rods, Bisimoto level 3 camshaft, headwork and valvetrain, Custom ITBs, Bisimoto intake heat shielding gasket, stock crankshaft and sleeved block. Produced 361 bhp and not its not a banger…

  17. @Surivolif I'm making 240 to the crank in my h2b drag kit, prelude motor hooked to short geared civic tranny. that is an 1992 civic cx hatch gutted weighing in at 1930lbs lol

  18. @Surivolif lol your friends are fucking dumb lol, sorry.. just do some research up on that google search bar. search "k24 300whp" this engine can produce 360WHP naturally aspirated when built to its almost full potential. Hell BISIMOTO made an f22 (2.2 SOHC 4 banger) produce 460whp with no turbo no nitrous no supercharger just a 4 banger lol. HONDA RULES BITCHESSSS

  19. @swinglow33 They're equipped with great engines which makes them very nimble, most have low body roll and are aesthetically flashy. Isn't that the definition of a sports car?

  20. @XenoRacing I find one flaw in your "sports car" lineup you've mentioned. They are not sports cars at all, but rather sporty coupes.

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