2012 Subaru Impreza – First Look

Subaru hopes its all-new, better-looking, and more efficient 2012 Impreza will continue to be a sales sensation.

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  1. Chevy Cruze is a great car but it isn't AWD. I recently just purchased a 2013 Impreza because it is AWD and I have gotten 38+ mpg. My ex girlfriend has a Chevy Cruze and it is fun to drive, however the fact that it isn't AWD, it doesn't appeal to me.

  2. Do you guys really like this thing? I have a 2010 impreza, but man, this doesn't look close to it all. I'm a fan of the original 99 RS style. Nice and small. at least thats what the impreza has always been. I dont get this trend of cars getting larger. This car looks a lot larger in my opinion. I wouldn't buy this model, because of the styling. Anybody else who feels the same way?
    Did the BRZ replace the small Subarus for this gen?
    I'm still interested in seeing what they do with the sti model.

  3. I hate the doubled up lines above the wheel arches – they makes it look like the thighs of a 40 stone woman. Apart from that it's pretty sharp.

  4. why even bother if it's not turbo or intercooled?
    Might as well buy a Jetta Diesel, it's more power and much better fuel economy, which seems to be the only "improvment' on this model other than it doesn't look like soccer-mom transportation, although I'd still say it's dangerously close to a Prius

  5. Follow-up: I picked up my '12 Impreza Sport Premium 5MT (daily driver) in February. Clutch feel is non-existant, engine has a really heavy flywheel so shifting is SLOW and first gear is way too short. Those make pulling out a bit less fun, but everything else about the car is excellent. I've done 600+ mile trips in it, and have had several tanks in the 35-36 mpg range. I've helped move 2 other people with it, and the space in the hatch is huge.

    Perfect DD for those with a sportier 2nd car.

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