2012 Toyota Prius V at the 2011 Detroit Auto Show | N.A.I.A.S

Executive Editor Edward Loh meets the latest members of Toyota’s growing Prius family – the 2012 Prius V and C concept at the 2011 Detroit Auto Show. Meet the new Prius v, a five-passenger midsize hybrid that gets an EPA estimated 42 mpg city and 38 mpg highway and spearheads Toyota’s expansion of the Prius line from a single vehicle to the industry’s first all hybrid-electric brand.

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  1. And for 2012, the Prius will include a Flatulence recovery system inserted into every seat. Where all of the tree huggers can recycle their own stink so they don't contribute to global warming.

  2. are you serious ?
    why does only the power count for the most.
    you will only drive it fast on a track and the most of you arent every day on a track.

  3. @tinleo333 …because it takes a lot of restraint and isn't always practical. I do agree with you that diesel is a great solution but that electric is the way to go. Hydrogen powered cars just can't work. It would involve replacing our entire existing infrastructure for refueling our cars and that's not practical or really possible. Electricity would allow you do refuel at home and existing technology that is cheap. Fossil fuel powered cars are a dying breed. I just don't want a Prius.

  4. @tinleo333 I used my manual transmission as a tool. Deciding when to shift was a big factor in that figure. Accelerating very slowly also helped. I also coasted in neutral going down hill, short-shifted, turned my car off at traffic lights, avoided going uphill, and kept my car empty of cargo as much as possible. A lot more involved than I led on but I assure you I got that figure despite living in a city with worse traffic than L.A. However I don't drive like that normally.

  5. @PIchillin456 sorry pal but how do you manage to get 43mpg in the city in a tdi magic or you live in an empty city with no traffic lights,i live in miami and the traffic is horrible, my friend have a tdi and he manage only 28-32mpg city on the other hand the prius get 48-53mpg boy thats economy and the prius is bigger have more technology and the quality is equal or better i love diesel but you cannot beat electricity is the future.

  6. The stupid thing about Toyotas I find, is that there is no bloody handle on the "sheet" meant to cover the boot area. Is it to save costs? It may seem petty, but it's quite irritating to have that slip out of your fingers. For example, the passat has the handle. Also, would keep the "sheet" cleaner. BTW best thing about this show is that the intro is always that Audi S5 ^^

  7. TOYOTA, make me a Prius. Make it SEXY. Make it FASTER. Make it HANDLE. Offer a MANUAL transmission. Do that and I will put one in my driveway. But until then I couldn't bring myself to own one.

  8. @tinleo333 Just sayin' the corolla and the Jetta might look the same from the back but my 2007 2.5L Jetta sedan eats corollas for breakfast. The corolla is a cheap feeling econobox that's good for your daily commute and not much else while my Jetta feels substantial and upscale while still being a canyon carver. Not to mention with my 5-speed manual just short shifting and accelerating a little slower will get me 43 mpg in the city so why own a Prius?

  9. @tinleo333 Its number one because it spends so much on "sheep" to believe that the millions of lbs of batteries in their cars are good for the environment….

  10. @circa73skater in the search bar on youtube type in Top Gear toyota Prius vs. BMW m3. Its the first video that comes up. you'll see what im talking about.

  11. @circa73skater no its not that. its the amount of Energy it takes to Make the car. there is a lot of articles and evidence that says in the long run it does more damage than buying just a regular car. And yea i agree that this kind of car is not any better environmentally than a normal v6.

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