Using pump gas and meth we accidentally wound up breaking the previous HP record on the A90 platform. Jordan tossed in some MS109 and we got even crazier power! SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE
RK TUNES – https://www.rktunes.com https://www.youtube.com/rktunes
-Pure Stage 2 Turbo
-RKTunes Catless Downpipes
-AEM Meth Kit


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  1. Adam can you get a better camera please. Maybe a Fujifilm X-H1 and please a mic of some type it's crazy hard to hear you in some of these videos. Great stuff on the Supra💪👍

  2. Adam u need to make cleaning ur supra interior! Just lookin how much jordan spit`s when he speaks 😀 Sorry jordan just joke man dont get mad! 🙂

  3. Damn I'd rather see more lancer videos anything than these supra videos. I can't wait till the C8 is guzzled down everyone's throat

  4. ADAM please check the powersteering motor before it goes out! BMW has a fix for it! Why they knowingly put a faulty motor in a new car boggles my mind.

  5. I was originally disappointed that it was bmw driveline but after seeing the simplicity finally in bmw later vehicles I appreciate it. I know the throttle closures are annoying as with my focus rs it was such an issue making real power. Also turbo limitation as my civic type r egt temps limited the boost levels and adjust turbo airflow to target boost levels. I know what you mean by no such thing as wastegate duty cycle. At the same token with some minor unthought I’d adjustments on my type r I’ve made a lot more power than the OTS. Map or any purchasable map for that matter at all.

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