6 versus 8 | The Final Run

Learn all about The 6 vs 8 Showdown, watch the four competitors climb Loveland Pass and see the challenge from the drivers’ point of view.


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  1. @R1S1NGDRAGON You know why? Because there's actually quality in European cars. Around the Ring all of these cars would smack the Lincoln up and down all day.

  2. what a typical US Test… Its fake from top to bottom… The lincoln wouldnt even stand a chance against one of the competetitors…

    BMW 4 Ever!!!

  3. In the photograph at 4:43, the Lincoln seems out of place here. It looks like it needs tio go on a diet. It stands taller then the others. Please do not get me wrong, when the MKS first came out, I dreamed of owning on. I even went to the dealership, sat in one, talked to the sales person, but never bought one. I love this car, but it still seems big and it is big.. Whe the MKS was doing its run, you couild see it bob up and down on the road course. It just did not seem as planted.

  4. The Lincoln looks just dumb in my opinion. It seems that some design students instead of well payed professionals made this car. At design aspects at least 2 levels below all others.

  5. Go Lincoln, Ford FTW. You people who think this is biased or fake/ staged, you are all retarded. In the video are a lot of car enthusiasts who review cars every day, they are not biased, they just want to see the Lincoln do well. And they did, STFU if you can't see the fact that the Lincoln w/ ecoboost is fuckin' excellent.

  6. They should compare the Lincoln MKS to the 6 cylinder bmw 335i. that way we get a fair comparison of 6 cylinder turbocharged engines. They should call that comparison V6TT vs I6TT.

  7. omg they are going up the hill 1:47 and not down and the v6 beat the v8s!!!!!!!!, i thought they are going down which means it will be what car has better break system,but no theyare going up this means engine+breaks+whight+handling and every thing,whats the price of that MKS?!

  8. Yeah. The new SHO, even with 10 more horsepower than the MKS, has repeatedly shown in performance tests that it is too heavy and underpowered.

  9. definitely valid points, but you have to admit. loveland pass is awesome 😉

    they should have mentioned the altitude factor, you're right.

  10. As much as I enjoy seeing american cars beating the europeans in comparison tests, I have to say that this victory was NOT deserved seeing as the test conditions hugely favored the Lincoln with the twin turbos.
    12,000 feet is not normal driving conditions and was not really acknowledged as a factor in this test. Had Lincoln/motor trend really wanted a fair comparison test, they would have done it on a track at a reasonable altitude.

  11. Exactly. This MKS is comparable to the Taurus SHO except the SHO actually has 10 more hp.

    Edmunds put the SHO against the 2009 G37 and it got raped in every possible performance category.


  12. I think the Ford engineer embracing the President and Editor-in Chief of Automobile and MotorTrend Magazines kinda gave it away, too!

  13. I agree with moaski. It seemed like it was nothing more than an infomercial. Completely staged as such with the cameras and music.

  14. Are you kidding me? Ha, numbers don't lie. So the recession is over now that the Dow reached 10,000?

    This is nothing more than an infomercial. I'm sure they would have Billy Mays all coked out driving these things if he were still around.

    "Hi, Billy Mays here. Buy a new Lincoln in the next 20 minutes and I'll throw in not one, but TWO Awesome Augers for FREE!"

  15. Ah yes, the F-Series…another legendary Ford marketing ploy. I told you that they were smart!

    Fleet sales, massive incentives and basing vehicles sold on what is essentially two or more different models to maintain the lead.

    If GM weren't badge-engineering whores, they could claim stake in some sales leads. After bankruptcy they are finally having to focus a bit more, so we'll see.

  16. I think the purpose of this test was to demonstrate 1. That a turbocharged DI V-6 can hang with a V-8 and 2. That Lincoln has a future in the performance segment.

    They obviously succeeded with the first point but building an image as a performance brand takes a little more. I still don't think people are going to think Lincoln when they want a sport sedan.

  17. So you're contradicting yourself. Earlier you said you should put the CTS-V because they are around the same price, but now youre saying that tests should be in the same price range AND class, yet the CTS-V isnt in the same class as the cars shown here, but is in the price range. So make up your mind.

  18. Actually the number one selling "car" was the Toyota Camry but "vehicle" (thats both cars and trucks included) was the Ford F-Series.

  19. Ford is a more well-rounded car company, and their assets, foresight and managerial decisions have helped them greatly compared to thier domestic counterparts.

    I'll disregard your facetious comment about the exclusive, low-volume Maserati brand.

    You were the one who suggested this test was about reliability, not me.

    BTW, the best selling car last year was the Honda Civic.

  20. Even with that many sales GM is still in the crapper.

    Comparing sales would mean they are way more Cadillac sales than Maserati, so cady is better then?

    How are the to test long term reliability on a new car? Most people who buy luxury cars aren't going to keep them more than a few years.

    BTW the number one selling vehicle last year was a Ford.

  21. The results could be skewed any number of ways…the driving is just one possibility of many.

    This performance test has nothing to due with long-term reliability.

    Cadillac is a far more successful American car company than Lincoln. Last year Cadillac sold 235,002 vehicles while Lincoln only managed to move only 123,207.

    I never stated that the Lincoln is crap.

    Your statements indicate you're as bias as the content of this video.

  22. Exterior is subjective, depends on the person, interior is a little different, Yes quality inside can be of different quality but it has has to have function as well, and the Lincoln has a perfectly functioning interior along with the Microsoft sync system which is great.

    I'll give you interior.

  23. I failed to see how the results were dishonest, unless you are saying the driver purposely held back to make the others lose.

    If anything they are trying to increase buyer confidence in American car companies, proving our cars are just as reliable as theirs (at least in ford's case).

    Ford/Lincoln is a great car company and the best American one. I just don't like how people believe if its not from europe/japan its crap.

  24. It may be true of other companies, but they aren't this blatantly obvious about it.

    Like I previously stated, I've subscribed to Automobile Magazine for about 4 years. Never have I seen them perform tests or an ad campaign in this manner. This is backed completely by Ford money.

    If there were representatives from the other companies present, they would have kept the results honest.

  25. How do we know if its any other different for the other companies.

    I don't see how having the other engineers would make any difference if they were there, the car isn't going to perform better cause they showed up.

  26. Whoa…How much did Ford Motor Company have to pay MotorTrend and Automobile magazines to perform this marketing scheme?

    If it's not biased, where are the engineers from Maserati, Jaguar, BMW and Mercedes?

    I subscribe to Automobile Magazine. How am I supposed to take any of your opinions or tests seriously now?

    You just sell out to the highest bidder.

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