America's Most Beautiful Roadster – HOT ROD Unlimited Episode 4

On this episode of HOT ROD Unlimited, we take you behind the scenes of the buildup of the car that was named America’s Most Beautiful Roadster for 2012 at the Grand National Roadster Show. The Indy Speedster is an amazingly detailed, hand fabricated track roadster that was a project of Jackie Howerton’s for well over a decade before he sold it to Bill Lindig who had the car finished by So-Cal Speed Shop. In the video, we get the inside view from So-Cal’s Pete Chapouris and Jimmy Shine.

HOT ROD Unlimited appears every other Friday on the new Motor Trend channel.

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  1. I've had business dealings with both of these bozos…. hold onto your wallets, and don't believe a word either one says. Their head sizes makes it hard for either to get through a normal size door!

  2. Im no hot rod guy, I set lightweight handling over anything, but I can totally understand everything what they are talking about and I think I can feel every difference between this and a 90k dollar factory new german luxury car and what makes this so much better an more beautiful. Great video about a great car and great statements about why it is great.

  3. Why are people even comparing american cars to european cars , Every car mentioned below has complete different purposes. I hate coming on youtube and seeing so many people sharing such little knowledge. You cant compare an Audi r8 to a corvette , ones 4WD ones RWD , ones a v10 , ones a v8. The v8 audi r8 is same catergory as an rs5 in my books its not even a super car. People have there own tastes in cars , If you hate lets say when someone trys cramming there religion down your throat then this is basically the same thing in the car world , people like different cars and have different tastes just let it be.

  4. Granted the vette IS as low class as it comes, and made of materials that match, but Lamborgini, Ferrari, are FARRR from the perfection their ego's make them believe.

  5. And Ferrari's are known for catching fire on a hot day (cough 458). There was not plastic on the last gen Vette' like everyone said, and it wasn't cheap. Are you seriously calling 115K cheap for a car? A cheap car is a Fiat, or a Toyota, NOT a Corvette ZR1.
    Even if they did cheat, at least their cars don't catch on fire when driven like they are supposed too.

  6. I think the performance begs to differ. Also, Corvettes don't catch on fire (like 458's did).
    Can you give me an example of a better European car that performs better, cost less, that are just as good. Let's call out the "Poor quality" of the ZR1.
    So the GT-R, 458, MP4-12C, any of Aston Martin's cars, or virtually anyone from Europe's cars can't stack up for the same money to the ZR1.
    Maybe you're just overpaying for no benefits..

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