Assembling The Engine For the 1000Hp Mr2 Build!

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  1. Wait wtf!?!? How good could those bolts be, if oil from your hand can break them? Id find a dif set imo, you tell me somethings that vulnerable and you wanna put tons of boost on it? Uh uhhhh not getting near that grenade…

  2. You don't wanna touch the raw un-coated head studs because the acid in your fingers can etch the surface working the way you scribe a line to break glass or tiles, also it could effect the tread and add resistance while torquing

  3. I don’t know if you already did one but if not could you do a difference between the Honda engines video, pros and cons. And if we are trying to do our first build what should we be looking for? What is easiest to work on? What engine can you make the most freedom juice for the least amount of money? I’m trying to do my first build but other than getting the car first I don’t know where to start and which engine is preferable. Thanks

  4. Never in my life have I heard you can't touch a set of head studs with your bare hands. I mean they come in contact was a lot more crude stuff then body oils. But glad to see she's starting to come together

  5. I thought the head studs go into a closed area into the bottom end (threaded but doesn't go all the way through) and you shouldn't use anything on those ends of the head studs? The other end of the head studs is different though.

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