Best Driver’s Car 2018 – Picking The Winner

#MTBDC The big reveal is here – discover the loudest, craziest, most powerful Best Driver’s Car ever. Watch the winner reveal:

Catch up on the contenders:


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  1. I get why they doing it but if I subscribed to every on demand service I'd be severely out of pocket. Drip feeding content was cool but this dead good so I will unsubscribing from motor trend shame I liked the presenters

  2. "Going slow in style", the reason the Stinger ranked 9th. I own one. It's not a great driver's car. It's sloppy. Steering is slow. Way too much body roll. It's balanced and fast, but not a "driver's car". Shouldn't have been included here.

  3. IF your “website” had “more” engaging content .. your YouTube audience would pay. Create actual value! Where are your specials and shows, can you relate to your target market and flex your creativity beyond? Amateurs have surpassed you with half the age and experience in ways of compelling their audience to subscribe and follow. MT you started FREE and you had someone who did the job exceptionally. But someone took over – I digress. Deliver actual content value if you expect to be paid like a studio.

  4. Cammissa was way better than Jethro Bodine!   They should have had Granny driving those cars!  I'm sure Jed Clampett would appreciate that SUV!

  5. So is it safe to say this whole channel is useless now since all of the actual car reviews, head to heads, and best drivers car vids are either not happening anymore or behind a pay wall….

  6. People love paying Netflix $12 a month, but complain about $3 a month for an amazing library of car content? hm.

  7. Motor Trend fans get stocked that MTBDC is on YouTube……..Jonny Lieberman's voice "Hi there & welcome to the 2018 Motor Trend Best Drivers Car…….. YouTube subscribers don't realize that 4 minutes of their lives are wasted. 😢 😢 😢

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