Big Boost and the Pre-Tornado Session

Before the town went into tornado lockdown the whole crew came over for a super fun session on the new ramp. We messed around a bit and got some more simulator action in!
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  1. You need to get MVMT into making fabricator-proof watches… I spend 80% of my day with and around metal and heavy machines and spending a hundred bucks on a watch you don´t wear is pretty exspensive although I really like the stuff that they´re doing.

  2. Deffinately a suggestion for a video would be to buy something to record full in game video & ask Slap what his setup is for both recording & audio and do some videos like slap & collab with him 🤘🏻🤘🏻 it would be different then anything you've put out & you would cater to a huge audience plus hav fun doing it! And you can drift your 240 in forza lol

  3. Adam LZ to fix your headset problem hit the home button go to the left go to the little settings icon make sure headset is plugged in go to the mixer and move it how u want it

  4. I watch all your videos and they are all great
    I have started working on my 1974 VW bug more it has a 1776 cc engine in it with a 002 bug transaxle

  5. Just go into the settings and in audio setting just turn down master sound, Also i want to recomend a setup for you on assetto but im not at home to send it

  6. I have a nice set of turtle beaches. its a 7 by 1 surround sound headset with master volume and a game to chat mixer, also has a base booster.

  7. Double click the Xbox button while your headphones are plugged in and go down to settings and you can adjust game volume and the balance of game and chat volume

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