Blue Angel Pilot Joy Rides In ZR1! – NAS Pensacola

Lt. Ben “Baxter” Walborn takes the Chevy Corvette ZR1 for a joy ride down the runway at NAS Pensacola.


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  1. kay im to lazy to read the actual magazine and i dont have time to watch the full video..who won the race, the corvette or the jet??????????

  2. I guarantee you will never own one of these LOL, you sound like you are mentally retarded. Either that or you are 10 years old, actually giving you an excuse for all of your lame ass comments.

  3. He looks like he's going for a Sunday drive!

    Of course, when you're used to going 600+ mph, inverted, pulling 9Gs, fifty feet off the ground, I guess driving the meanest car ever built would feel like a Sunday drive… 🙂

  4. yeah actually it does and the ZR1 doesnt have a govener, smart guy lol. 205mph is top speed which has been reached on stock ZR1's my many reviewers

  5. ahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahhahahahahaau must be playin right u really think the car goes that fast stock just cause the speedometer says that thee something called a governor

  6. Why does he get to test drive that car? Doesn't he have a cool enough job as it is? Come on, take that car into suburbia and let the average JOE or Jamal drive that beast.

  7. i mean when he shifts the car like jerks forward or lunges forward so it looks like he didnt shift smoothly but it could be a misconception since im only 15 but i love cars and i love to learn about them and how to tune them and i cant wait to get my genesis coupe 3.8l v6 when im 18 🙂

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