BONUS: Roadkill Q&A Plus Project Update with Freiburger and Finnegan!

Here’s a special bonus for fans of our Roadkill show! It’s a question-and-answer session with hosts David Freiburger and Mike Finnegan of HOT ROD magazine, and they address issues raised by fans of the show’s Facebook page ( The guys also take you on a small tour of the HOT ROD shop and reveal the work being done on some of your favorite projects from past episodes of Roadkill: the Muscle Truck and the Hemi ’55 Chevy. You’ll also get a peek at two future project cars, and if you wait for the credits to play, you’ll see a hint about the next full episode of Roadkill.

Roadkill appears on the Motor Trend channel.

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  1. They get away with it because they encourage a mass of people to do the same , those people pay fines to the man , hence the man makes a lot more $$$ . Always comes down to what pays best !

  2. It’s pretty fucking easy when the performance parts and equipment is shoved down your throat by all the companies isn’t you white piece of garbage

  3. You guys oughta do another project update, idk about the rest of these guys but i like seeing all the stuff you guys are working on and might eventually have in a roadkill episode

  4. roadkill is one of my favorite shows, i can relate to the budget builds. i would like to see you get away from the ferrous oxide, though. sell your tired iron and have fewer, nicer cars , but still budget minded. start with 3 or 4k rollers, and toss in a/c for more enjoyable driving!

  5. I really like your road kill shows I watch it every night with my dad.

    Can you bring a really cool car on a boat to tasmania

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