BUILDING A 1000HP S15 IN 10 MINUTES! (Pro Drift Car)

Last year I had the opportunity to have my S15 built by one of the best shops in drifting – Enjuku Racing. They archived all of the footage and I wanted to show you what I wasn’t able to cover during the build. Enjoy! – Use “AdamLZ” for free shipping and a free lanyard with your order!

Footage filmed by
Enjuku Racing –
Kripsy Media –
Divine Media –
V2Lab –
The Track Life –

Music Used –

Music by Ryan Little – Take It Easy –

Music by Ryan Little – stress signal. –

Music by Ryan Little – Choose Wisely –

Music by Ryan Little – Swerve. –

Music by Ryan Little – after the rain. –


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  1. Cool dub. I could've sworn you had a good amount of kinks to work out once delivered? I guess what car doesn't. Love the car, no hate.

  2. I love s15s my dad has one and it was an actual Australian built one and my dad and my uncle customized it but they had to take it off and so it was kinda stock but it still has twin turbo on it

  3. Awesome video! How about you make a couple of videos where you talk about different components of the car and how well do they work. for example, you have an ECU-Master EMU ecu, which I'm planning on getting for my daily driver, how do you like it so far?

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