Engine goes in and we unbox some more rad stuff. Tomorrow’s video is going to be a good one!!!!
“ADAMLZ” for 5% off – http://bit.ly/AdamLZ-Evo5-Build
MORFAB – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCD03zaC0fnzCp5oHEJG0yYQ


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  1. I found the best way to watch initial D is to cut it off mid episode.they are the masters of cliffhangers so if you watch till the end you’ll never sleep

  2. hey Adam idk if your into thrash metal but municipal waste is playing in hamden on july 26th you should come check em out there fucking awesome

  3. Coil on plug and especially when the coils are mounted on an alu plate (aluminium transfers heat very well, hence it's used on computer heatsinks), the coils will break. Because coils do not like the high temps of the engine.

  4. That beard is coming a little patchy, but it looks good. Just like the moustache, it looks a bit "meh" atm, but will definitely start to look better. Haven't seen anyone else saying it so i thought i would. Keep growing it!

  5. Dude, I love Justin’s outlook on everything. !!! Seems like you definitely chose a great person to go to with the EVO…

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