C5 Unicorn gets NEW PARTS and chases an 8 second pass!

The C5 Unicorn hasn’t seen any action since TX2K in March, but its for good reason! During it’s downtime, a few changes have been made to the car! In this video you see Kyle getting used to these changes, and the C5 Unicorn will soon get that 8 second pass!

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  1. You ran a 10.6 in the last run because you broke the beams, therefore started the clock before you took off. You weren’t wheel spinning either, that was the clutch haha sounds good though

  2. Make sure the harmonic balancer hasn’t separated at the rubber insulator and slid out if it’s a factory one. I had that happen to me on a 02 c5 and it kept throwing the belt and it was pretty hard to tell it had slid out

  3. So painful to watch, but I've been there. He just doesn't understand the need to stay in the cars peak power. The granny shifting isn't helping either. Kyle seems like a great guy, though. Keep running man, you'll get there. He needs some help with the 'theory' portion of drag racing.

  4. Manual trans are fo cruising ana pulling.. get a power glide and a tran brake. Piss on tha steet trans. Put a race one in that vette. Unless you like going slow forever.?????

  5. A co2 boost controller never heard of that but sounds cool but I'm sure there's better ways that money could be spent to get it ripping to the 8 but what hell giver bro I know u can do it and no you didn't lose really you left late lol and I'll add your car is awesome and should be way faster or am I missing something from what I see less the funky co2 thing you should be really low 9 if not just dipping into the 8s with that??

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