Cadillac Puts Hold on ATS Coupe – Wide Open Throttle Episode 1

On the premiere episode of Wide Open Throttle, Jessi Lang brings you the latest on Cadillac’s decision to suspend ATS Coupe development, the cutting-edge turbo technology destined for Porsche’s next-generation 911 Turbo, and all the major automotive players in this year’s Super Bowl commercial blitz.

Plus Carlos Lago heads to Honda headquarters to tour the secret automotive museum kept hidden from the general public.

And Motor Trend’s Edward Loh and Angus MacKenzie stop by the WOT studio to debate the potential fallout from Cadillac’s surprising ATS reversal.

Wide Open Throttle appears every Thursday on the new Motor Trend channel.

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  1. Cadillac's decision is based on trying to compete with a premium segment will only attain Fruition if the product has had a "peer" review from consumers. To say it a quality brand requires a few cycles of any given platform. The cost it wants the consumers to pay for it's name brand can only be rectified over time. Not simply because it's a cadillac. The amount it charges for the ATS or any other model needs to be considered a value to it's potential consumers! Currently, Cadillac has a P.R. issue with people in this market. Staying with the current price structures will only cause shoppers to look elsewhere for the amount of money Cadillac wants to charge for it's product portfolio.

  2. "Wall Street never understood big industrial companies" ??? its funny how a bunch of automotive enthusiast pretend to be economists.

  3. @motortrend oh, i hadn't seen this response. thanks for responding. my point is that what excited me about your search for the next WOT presenter, now 2 months ago was that Angus said the magic word that has been missing from your videos since I started watching them on the ipad edition and here, passion. He said it, I didn't. So I was looking for passion specifically from WOT. I'm seeing glimpses of passion and excitement here and there, keep it up.

  4. Not To mention that Jessi Lang serioulsy with out a doubt looks like a Blond Jessica Beil and Jessica Beil is very much one of the Hottest Women in the World But Jessi is just that much hotter because of her Passion for Cars and Car Knowledge

  5. She has real Automotive Passion for the info and driving on top of the Fact that she is a Beautiful Gorgeous High performance Car Girl that has amazing sense of humor along with everything that qualifies to be an automotive journalist. Her skills surpass all expectation for this type of job.. And We all want to see her behind the wheel of the All the High Proformance cars Motor Trend recieves for testing

  6. I just watched Ignition and all thought the test with the Zl1 Camaro was great it could have allot better if Jessi was behind the wheel of it.

  7. To the Writers at Motor Trend and anyone else involved the writng for WOT You have done a great job at Getting the Beautiful Talented Amazing Jessi Lang. Now you have to work on creating WOT for what it should be ment for and you are really wasting Jessi Langs Amazing Automotive Knowlegable Talents and her Driving talent on New anchor style show. With a name like WOT you really should not have the Anchor Desk job style at all. Jessi deserves to show off here Amaizing abilites.

  8. poor Jessi. she needs to be standing up with her whole body in the frame and wearing something tight. what kind of idiots at motortrend made her wear this stupid suit and hunch over this stupid desk ? what's next – will they force her to present from a wheelchair ?

  9. I feel like they should stop making the DTS and launch the ATS…its time to give the big caddy a new design

  10. Amateur production. If the host is so significantly smaller then the two guests, she should have been on a booster seat.

  11. I see the ATS-V being launched in coupe form w, that's the most serious M3 (coupe) and Cadillac is seriously targeting BMW with the ATS.

  12. @whistleorblue

    Are you serious? Why is okay for you to post your useless comment about nothing. My comment about Jessie was positive. I could understand you responding if it were negative in anyway. If you find comments such as mine annoying skip and read the next one.

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