Competing in the Drift Missle 1JZ Coupe!

Actually pretty impressed with how this thing held together! Having driven so many S-chassis it’s rad to hop in and feel right at home. Massive thanks to Ring for partnering with me. Get your camera set up at


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  1. It’s the caffeine, had the same problem when traveling and drinking too much coffee because I didn’t sleep, I fainted after swimming, you gotta watch that Adam.

  2. Lil ruddy always talks so highly of you adam it was super nice to help him dial in his drift car.. And give him hints and tips along with a shout out for his channel! Good job LZ!

  3. If your car didn't fill up with smoke so quick, you likely wouldn't have panic braked to avoid hitting that guy. This is one of the best videos in a while. Just can't beat, boosted, Rudy,an Trevor all in the same video

  4. CRazy but i was there and got to meet you adam, i got some awesome pics of your car if you want them i can send them to you, i was mostly on the inside corner coming off the bank

  5. This mans is a natural driver, once he gets his consistency down in FD it's going to be insane to watch someone with so "little" drifting experience crush the game. So stoked seeing your progress. wish I had realized you were prank calling me back in the day :,)

  6. You guys need to throw some rain-x or wax on your windshields!! Wouldn’t even need to worry about windshield wipers if you did and that way you can drift and see where you’re going in the rain!

  7. That 1JZ has been going strong FOREVER. True testament to how amazing this motors are. It's been abused and neglected, passed around, flogged and it's still rocking. So rad.

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