Corolla Killer? – 2011 Chevrolet Cruze

Editor-In-Chief Angus MacKenzie previews Chevy’s new compact Cruze at the 2009 LA Auto Show.


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  1. US car company have to learn why their car cant sell a lot.

    my country, Japan abolished all duty for foreign car, but American car couldnt increase a lot.
    instead of it, European car increased in Japan. like Peugeot, Fiat, VW,Audi,BMW,Mercedes

  2. oh ho ho ho 1.4 turbo
    in 5 years I imagine this car with a nascar sticker, being 2 different colors just like your typical Cavilier. Sept The Cavies weren't turbo – A turbo not upkept is just a problem waiting to happen.

    For all the Buy America people = Why was this car in China, and Europe before HERE!?

  3. People that really know about cars are aware this is much better product than the toyota craprolla…. Eaither way the boring corolla will continue to be a best seller because of the innorant buyers…

  4. Lol the govt didn't shut Pontiac down GM let go of the brand because it could not sustain itself, no other company wanted to buy it, so Pontiac was no more.

  5. @ECDT1089 I hope not. I mean, that's what sunk GM. Taking one company's unique product and rebranding it for whichever reasons. Pontiac's purpose got super diluted over the years with that badge engineering strategy. Just as it started to regain steam with the GTO and G8… it crashed.

  6. Well technically the Pontiac vibe was a Toyota matrix with different body lines. But aside from that, the Cruze looks and drives better than any corolla. The corolla looks like a poor businessman's car. It's dull and very boring to drive. The Cruze is sleek and fun to drive

  7. Why doesn't this prig get a haircut? He looks like a moron with a complex.

    It will only be a corolla killer if toyota decides to make the corolla out of dodge parts.

  8. Why does an American car company decide to offer it's new car to Europe and China first, and the US much later. Hmm…perhaps as their testing ground before offering it to Americans.

  9. @ideastoday actully my brother drives a 91 blazer. the only things its needed was a new paint job but that varys depending on where you live, and it also needed the dash riped out for some fuse problem but those where both reacently done and hes owned it since it was new.

  10. @ideastoday I really can't argue with that. I agree. BUT it's so interesting to me how so many of the car brands that have excellent reputations (like Toyota and Mercedes) are actually making rather crappy cars these days, while the brands with crappy reputations (like Hyundai and Ford, for example) are making some of the best built and most dependable cars on the road now. Interesting how things can change so dramatically in a matter of 20yrs or less.

  11. @ideastoday Sales figures really don't mean anything in terms of quality either. The Ford Taurus was the #1 selling midsize family sedan from '98 to '96 and would have continued that trend had they not started making that weird bubble '96-99 generation. The fact it was a pretty crappy car didn't stop sales. As for the Camry's reign, that has mostly to do with reputation, not anything else. But even that reputation has fallen by the wayside and sales are slumping more recently.

  12. @ideastoday GM already did with the current Malibu. It's gotten much higher praise than Camry and Accord, which are stale and falling by the wayside very quickly.

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