Coyote Powered Fairlane is a Twin Turbo BEAST!

When your son tells you that your car is too nice to race, that means you’ve built something to be proud of one way or another. This immaculate Twin-turbo Coyote powered Ford Fairlane is definitely a prideful work of art on and off the track, and we we’re lucky enough to catch it making passes down “Thunder Valley” in Bristol, TN. Jumping into the heavily competitive Street Racer class of Street Car Takeover’s Bristol event, this fresh built Fairlane put down some crazy power through a tiny little radial tire, racing its way into the finals!

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  1. Dear Kyle and Fred, 1320 is an amazing coverage of all true racing, from streetcars to the absurdly unattainable to most. For that I wish to say Thank you! Fords response to 20+ yrs of small block Chevy motors in everything , 20 yrs of Fox bodies, you’re welcome! We love the look/sound of discust when you have to highlight them ( excluding Beater Bomb of course). Chevys reply…LS the world tour, sigh. Hate to admit it, awesome motors though. Finally after 50yrs in development, Ford perfects* (subject to debate) Cammer engine. GD I love steel body door slammers, foreign or domestic, keep doing it all guys.

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