DroidX Filmed Street Race – Cobras, Vettes, Lightning

A casual Sunday afternoon cruise turned street race! My camera is out for repair, so I shot it with my phone, came out pretty good!!!


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  1. @SchralperDotCom Sony FX1000
    Zoom button is slowly going out, if I zoom in and let go of the zoom, it keeps going. Also if I don't hit anything at all it sloooooooooooowly zooms in.

  2. @stylinwiley To make it a Cobra There is no such thing as Ricing out a auto..It is Customizing the Auto to best suit your taste, If you like Big Wings and think it is cool do it…and come back with the fart cans i dare you…They might make the care sound funny then a big V8 on glass packs with flows masters.. but guess what they do the same thing unrestricted the air flow to add more HP..

  3. @ibmthinkpad99 So you think adding a power adder to any 4 or 6 Cyl. is rice? or adding Bigger wheels and tires to the same car is rice? Or adding a body kit to it is rice right??? So you take That Cobra I see he added Motor mods to go faster this is also rice or custom? Cant see the rims are the body kit on it But i can tell you the Wheels and tires are bigger then the stock GT and the body kit add to it from the factory is much different then the GT So the Factory Riced out the GT mustang

  4. @ibmthinkpad99 You people need to get it…. Rice to take a car ,truck ,bike… make it faster then stock and make it look Different then stock..To make a Custom hotrod…in a car,truck,bike…make it faster then stock? And to make it look different then sock? Wow its all the same ….

  5. @AppleSoldier LOL good catch, I was double fisting, filming with my buddies camcorder in my right hand, and my phone in my left 🙂
    If it were a camcorder the wheels wouldn't be all distorted like a camera phone in the first clip 🙂

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