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  1. your daily advice is very in to me,
    for being greatful for everything in my life.
    God must send you to tell me something.
    I was shocked you telling about being greatful. I never expected watched on video about car.
    I have financial problem this year, I lost my only car, a 08 Toyota camry, downgrade my phone, selling my ps4, for paying my 6500 usd bank loan,
    its not even enough.
    anyway I'm greatful for everything I have now.

    I like your video I love everything about car I wish I have a civic like yours and build it.
    sorry for my bad English. love from Indonesia, thank you God bless you and your family.

  2. The End Made my day. I have a mitsu eclipse 2g on jackstands. Need to Swap the blown engine, im sad about it every day. But today im thankful to have a eclipse. Great thinks from germany and keep the Moral up 😂👍

  3. This setup should work pretty good using the smaller turbo for low end and the bigger for top end. The thing is D16's don't rev out that high unless you build the heads. Also one thing to note Evan, the stock sleeves cannot take more than 550whp safely on a good tune. Speedfactory made 617whp on stock sleeves a few years back but the sleeves cracked. So when you add rods and pistons the sleeves become the weak point. Just thought I would point that out 🙂 I love my turbo D16, they are so fun to drive lol

  4. U should get some higher compression piston like p29 style compare to like the low comp vitara to spool the twin turbos faster, since where u live have e 85 it should make way more power and be safe at the same time.

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