First Test: 2011 Ford Mustang GT

MT senior editor Ron Kiino and the Motor Trend staff take the updated 2011 Ford Mustang GT out for some testing including the dyno to see how Ford’s potent new 5.0-liter V-8 really is under the hood.

Read the full story here:

Shot by: Jim Gleason
Edited by: Jim GLeason


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  1. In my opinion, the 2011/2012 are the best Mustang GT years for power and looks overall. I didn't like the front end of the 2012/2014 and the new one has a really fat ass that bothers me, even though overall it's a great car.

  2. Motor Trend, get someone who is knowledgeable about this car, this dude is wrong just on about everything that came out of his mouth.

    1) The Mustang 5.0 is still under 5000cc, EVEN the Coyote motor is, so technically its not a true 5.0L
    2) It does not put 435hp to the wheel, that's a straight lie
    3) Fire him and hire me instead

  3. wait…. did he said the old push rod 5.0 is really a 4.9….?? I no ford made a 4.8 liter in 68 with the 289ci but some say the new coyote is nothing more than a beef up 4.6ers

  4. I hate how car manufacturers produce less of the more exotic, vibrant colors. I always see 2011-12 (the styling I like) Stangs with boring colors: gray, silver, dark blue; etc. in abundance for sale. But these grabber blues are never for sale. I check daily for the past several months and so far only one, but it sold within that week. If car companies made more of the unique colors like this, they would sell more. And in the used market circles, make a killing off of parts sales. But I guess they haven't figured this out yet.

  5. fake
    you say its 4.3 sec to 60, and its slower by 0.2 than the mustang shelby 2010 
    in the 2010 shelby video you said its 4.6 sec to 60
    ????????????????????                and 435hp,..

  6. I am working in Mexico now, so I'm only back in canada maybe 4-5 times out of the year… maybe at times I was going to try and get my 2012 SRT8 challenger back but they wanted too much down. and plus it's a bit hard to teach a new driver (younger sister) to drive standard in close to freezing temps with 500 horse power at the rear wheels. let alone 440 with the mustang I had *shivers* I'm now ina 2014 Fusion 1.5 ecoboost

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