Funkmaster Flex Tunes the Ford Fiesta

Take a look at a Ford Fiesta given a makeover by Funkmaster Flex at his Brooklyn garage


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  1. @Tunerboy8732 He's getting paid by Ford to tune a "manufactured option" automobile, and your on Youtube, broke and talking shit. past you bed time tunerboy

  2. put transcribe audio on,its funny enough to actually make this worth the watch.funkmaster flex's american old school cars are perfect but its not the same with a fiesta,youve gotta work harder because theres just no heritage or soul.seriously though,put transcribe audio on.its hilarious.

  3. ford fiesta is one bad car. learned to drive with it at the driving school. damn pain in the *ss. ain't worth a good VW, Audi or other comfy cars. transmission is down right awfull

  4. @djeminescu Look, all I'm saying is, the term "ricer" gets thrown around and misused A LOT these days. Now, if this car was fitted with an unpainted body kit, or some massive aluminum wing, or even a big fart can…yes…it would fall into the "rice" category. But until then, it's just a unique Fiesta.

  5. @djeminescu No, it is your definition. Because everyone else believes that it is poorly, cheaply, and disgustingly done cars. Not tastefully done cars that aren't necessarily designed to go fast. Here's a link to the definition. Just look up rice on urbandictionary…this car does not necessarily fall under that category. It's not trying to look fast…it's just trying to look more unique and better than every other fiesta rolling around.

  6. @djeminescu OK…so by YOUR definition…a guy buys a Corvette Z06…puts a nice Carbon fiber lip kit on, lowers it, and puts some nice deep wheels on it…all while upgrading the interior to a nice MOMO steering wheel and a double din NAV unit and a Carbon Fiber trim piece kit….but he left the motor stock…that car is riced out? Just because a car doesn't have a million horse-power when it pulls into a car show doesn't mean it's riced out. Your definition of rice is kind of stupid.

  7. @djeminescu No, it isn't. What part of this car is Riced out? There's no mismatched unpainted body panels, no massive JCWhitney wing, no massive angled fart can hanging off the back, no uneven and misplaced fog-lights from the "Ricer's-R-Us" aisle at AutoZone, no LED's lighting up every inch of the car…nothing of the sort. This is just a case of a well done car by a TRUE car enthusiast…not a poorly done car by some d-bag that wishes he was cool.

  8. @2008calander so true. but they have to do something dont they? they cant just expect people to buy it without advertising. only time will tell if the newer generation fords are truly quality cars as theyre said to be.

  9. yellow with white painted rims -_- lame styling…. the level of colour is off balance, there needs to be yellow on the seats etc… and like i said… those white rims have to go… Yellow, black and white? the sounds system in the trunk could have been more cleverly placed… if i won this, i would hate this… i wouldn't all this tuning. what was there budget for this car? $500?

  10. He said Fiesta's are inexspensive and quality cars. Inexspensive yes but quality no in my opinion. Funk Master Flex is paid, paid and paid. Thats what I believe. Ford really thinks that marketing like this will help them connect with the younger buyers. Hes just not a respected car builder in my eyes.

  11. @tim3058 Anyone that thinks this car is riced out is clearly not a true car enthusiast. What part of the "Ricer description" that I gave made it difficult to figure out a clear cut difference between it and the car in this video? It's not like it has some poorly painted late 90's big gaudy body kit…it's a well done, good looking setup. If you don't like the setup then that's fine you're allowed to have your own taste…but just because YOU don't like it doesn't put it in the "rice" category.

  12. @tim3058 Clearly you are someone that does not know what a ricer truly is. This car is tastefully done with a fine attention to detail. Rice is more like the Civic you see driving down the street with the unpainted/mismatched body kit pieces, massive fart can, and massive wing to go with it. This is not to be confused with a tastefully done Civic, which, would then not be "rice." Well done Flex. Looks great!!

  13. How about some lowering springs, carbon fiber, or custom turbo set up? You really could only throw some white wheels, racing strip and a sound system?

  14. ah marketing, and motortrend is all too happy to oblige. At least it's not more stock promo footage as usual.

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  15. He should stick to DJing… "magic with cars"? IDK why Ford thinks this is what the X-generation wants to drive. He FAILED on every car they made. The Ford Flex was a flop. The Ford Expedition he did was a MAJOR flop. Who in their right mind goes car shopping and say "I want a Funkmaster Flex car"?

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