Got in over my head with the Can Am…

MORE MODS… and also undoing some of my old ones… honestly a mess of a day, but we’re getting somewhere!


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  1. Adam hears what people say but says "what" then answers them as they're repeating themselves. Kinda funny kinda annoying "ahhhhh" idk

  2. Videos are kinda getting worse and worse not being a downer or a hater just think you should kick it old school go for some warehouse drifting

  3. the i HATEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE when ct cops do that so they stop traffic to let the workers throw down cones safely" on the highway every night after 930 ur fucked

  4. If you had your own shop in CT you could just do like Tommy and leave all the boxes in your front area for months til you decide to work on stuff

  5. I used to think adam and tj would go back and forth with who was putting out better content and watch both of them on the daily…

    Adam – launched the year of the flex and started shittin on everyone, (in my opinion) built the worlds most savage s15 ever, started competing in pro2 and has done fairly well and he has stepped up his content across the board in every way possible, builds commendable respectful high performance vehicles and i excitedly await new videos each day. kudos to you Mr. LZ keep up the good work and best of luck at the next pro 2 event

    Tj – (in my opinion) actually did build probably the worlds most savage 350z surprisingly enough I dont really love a 350 but credit is due were credit is due, always talks about competing yet doesnt drive his cars other than to the warehouse. content consists rotating platter of 10 minutes of Tj rambling insert shot of calvin and his annoying face switch to wheels? check! bags? check! exhaust? check! titles video loudest car i own? check! switch to whateverthefuck that was with that Ferrari i thought he was gradually falling off for awhile but stayed loyal and watched consistantly. present day – i turned his notifications off because step your game up TJ , youre letting the old you down

  6. Hi lad i`m your biggest fan i have watched every video. I like watching you living your life through your camera talking about car stuff and going fast around the track. Lot`s of these lads your competing against in the drift world already have 25 years of practice under their belt and, 25 years of practice makes perfect. It`s hard to beat 25 years of practice.

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