Hennessey's 10 Second HAMMER WAGON

This CTS-V Wagon is NO JOKE! Just a short clip from the TX2K12 Movie just released – http://www.1320video.com/store/dvd/


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  1. Cool Wagon..I raced a cammd V-8 standard cts-v a couple days ago..thing had more balls than I thought but still held em down.

  2. I'm sorry, your spelling and grammar hurts my eyes.

    Anndddd I'm assuming that your wagon is faster then theirs?

  3. That thing is badass! But, I can't help but say, that thing sounds WIERD! I wonder what kinda cam's in it. It sounds kinda muscley, kinda ricery, kinda like a dumptruck, I… just… wtf?

  4. i think your confused any 4 banger sounds like a 4 year olds farts. lol THERE IS NO MISPLACEMENT FOR DISPLACEMENT!. (look at all this guys vids its all honda honda honda. lol) hate to brake it to you but the fastest car there is is no a 4 banger lmao. TROLOLOLOLOLOL. go back to your anime fag!!! lmao

  5. I don't know if I'd want to spend that much money on a station wagon and only a 10 sec station wagon got that. I have a 02 Corvette that I spend a lot less money on and ran 10.94@124 on a shitty DA day. Nice but way over priced.

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