Jeep Evolution: 1945 Jeep CJ vs. 2012 Jeep Wrangler

We take a side-by-side at the 1945 Jeep CJ and the 2012 Jeep Wrangler to see how the iconic vehicle has evolved over the years.

Shot by: Corey Denomy
Edited by: Corey Denomy


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  1. if you want a luxury vehicle, buy a Cadillac. if you want a real off road vehicle, buy a cj. if you want a luxury vehicle with off road capabilities, you're going to need 30-60 grand.

  2. Too bad the jeep became a big bloated pig of a truck. Should have kept it small, light, and economical. Like the Samurai. Which was killed off by jeep in this country. But still wildly successful in the rest of the world as the Jimny.

  3. Chrysler bought Jeep from AMC in 86 (Last year of the CJ-7) then in 87 is when the YJ came out. Jeep has been owned and sold by so many different companies its not even funny.

  4. I'm glad to see you're just as passionate about Jeeps as I am, if not moreso. Yes, I did mean YJ, the ol' square headlights. I guess they were trying something "new and unique". Wasn't that the time the Jeep name changed ownership?

  5. Assuming you mean YJ and not YK and that would be 95. There was no 96. YJ 87-95 TJ 97-06. but the YJ is the red headed step child. So with that being said, Jeep died in 86 then relived one last hurrah from 97-06 then died again. I love all the CJ's, MBs, C101's (The C102's are ugly!), J20's, MJ's, XJ's, TJ's. But the YJ was a experiment gone wrong (Square headlights on a Jeep)

  6. Well you're entitled to your opinion, of course. My JK handles off-roading pretty well. I'm against the 2012+ models because of all the extra crap they add. Mine is a 2007 I bought used, it's simple, a little worn, handles great. It's a dream. And as for "Jeep name died in 06", I think CJ and YK owners would say the same about '96.

  7. Thats if it has half doors. My TJ has full doors which have glass. And the point of a Jeep is to be rough and rugged. The JK's are a joke to the Jeep name. I understand evolution in the automotive world but the JK's arent much different then a new LandRover. The Jeep name died in 06.

  8. Jeep Wrangler is totally like Porsche 911, we love them, they are iconic, we need changes over the years! but never to much, just to keep up whit the technological changes of the world… anyone here has any idea how hard is that to achieve, to keep the balance.

  9. Because the TJ's windows are flaps that you have to zip down and let hang over you as you drive. I test drove a TJ when looking to buy one. While I have nothing against them and they are rough and rugged, the JK just seems like the best of both worlds.

  10. Excuse me, fold down the windshield? You must have to specially order that, because my Jeep is a 2007 and its windshield is one you certainly can not fold down.

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