Leroy takes on the MOUNTAINS + Day 2 Highlights!

Days 2 & 3 at Rocky Mountain Race Week have been incredible! We started with all the racers taking their Race Cars through the Rocky Mountains on a 200 mile long journey. And ended with some BADASS racing at Bandimere Speedway! Check it out!

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  1. What ever the dual turbocharged tubonicplaguemobile is (not sure)should be immediately DNQ for no mudflaps,,also no body at all the f-n u-haul box looks better than the car.This could be sign of a struggle.he he

  2. I think the whole "Driving your no-compromise race car from event to event and carry all your supplies with you" might just be the best concept in all of motorsports, ever.

  3. Anyone able to tell a fellow Australian what that green car with the roof racks is 12:35 .. The one that kinda resembles an S14. We just don't seem to see them here.

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