LS Swapped Lamborghini at SEMA 2019!

Kyle had the chance to swing through SEMA this year and there were some absolutely INSANE vehicles there! One of the weirdest and most wild of them was this car. This is a 2015 Lamborghini Huracan that was a burned up waste of a car and is now sporting a crazy custom wide body and a freakin TWIN TURBO LS. Yes, they LS swapped a Lamborghini.

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  1. Thanks 1320 video for doing the review for Chris. The guy deserves it. Took a 2 year + project, put it into 5 months an made a beautiful LS swapped MANUAL Huracan.

  2. Looks wicked and I really like it.
    Good luck with all future endevours .
    Another enjoyable video from 1320.
    Be safe and well guys.
    Bob. Australia

  3. Why the fcuk not is all I gotta say! 🤟🏽💯💯💯💯💯💯 seeing afew 'Purists' having a cry, make a bridge and get over it lololoo be happy Dude just brought the damn thing back to life

  4. Fuck you. Really. Fuck you.

    And he made it a lot heavier. Bye balance and stability. He made it worse. Ofcourse.
    Thinking he could do better than lamborghini

  5. I can’t wait to see that beauty make a pass, I was thinking same, 8s or 9s right outta the trailer, with Cleetus driving.

  6. I dont mind the guy and he normally learns from his mistakes but he never finishes anything. His 240 project never got finished, the rx project he sold to another guy on YT and he is showing all the corners he cut.

  7. At first I was like why the F@#$ would he take out a Lambo V10 out of that car , but after hearing what he had to say I have to say that is a dope build ! I love it !

  8. B is for build going all out this year! That wide body kit is sick! 👍Can't wait to see the future match up between the Lamborghini and Cleetus!

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