Mazda2 Fit 0? – 2011 Mazda2

Executive Editor Matt Stone has the lowdown on the new Mazda2 subcompact at the 2009 LA Auto Show.


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  1. this is probably what an SUV thinks of a mazda 2 (i hope you've watched austin powers before): *in scottish accent* jesus christ, he's tinehh! i've had bigger chunks a corn in mah crap! wait a minute… he kinda looks like a babehh! C'MERE, I'M GONNA EAT YAAA!! I'M BIGGER THAN YOU, I'M HIGHER IN THE FOOD CHAIN. GIT IN MAH BELLEEEHHHH!!!!!

  2. @coolerdude44 it's easier getting the famly in ands straping all the kids in a small suv than it is bending down and taking care of em in a sedan i drive an impreza and the rogue is way more convinient for the family but belive me i wouldnt trade my wagon for an "suv", wich is just a tall wagon now a days, any day. best famly car ever…mazda5 fits anywere and fits eveyone. πŸ™‚

  3. @jamblam pontiac was gonna answer your call with a pickup car, but…they're gone now πŸ™ but the ford ranger and mazda b series i think are still on sale.

  4. Oh gawd…. they gave it that stupid-ass smiley front bumper! I can't take a car seriously when it wears a dorky smile like that!

  5. Every major car company should make a small size, 4 cyl, extra long bed truck. Everyone needs one, and nobody makes one. Lets face it, most of us will haul a few pieces of dry wall, a few bags of concrete, maybe a couple kayaks, or maybe tow a few snow mobiles. All of which a small truck can handle. In fact, all of which a small car could handle. Why don't they make this??? They would sell like friggin retarded amounts!

  6. @stanbernadino second of all, how is the nissan rogue more of a family car than the golf? i don't really get how you can say that small suv's are family cars. sedans have more passenger volume than the ford escape and the like, and although the escape has more cargo room up to the ceiling, we were able to fit our luggage better in our mazda 6 than in a rented ford escape. we didn't have to fold down any back seats in the mazda.

    how can you say the escape is a family car?

  7. @stanbernadino how can you say the golf isn't a family vehicle? nevermind the fact that it's the most popular family car in europe, it has more trunk space and similar interior dimensions as all of my family's cars.

    vw golf: 15.0 cubic feet of trunk space, 94 cubic feet of passenger space

    our cars:
    nissan altima: 15.3 cubic feet of trunk space, 101 cubic feet of passenger space
    mazda 6: 15.1 cubic feet of trunk space, 96 cubic feet of passenger space.

    the golf is of a very similar size.

  8. the golf just ISN'T a family vehicle, no matter how you look at it. It's good for one person but not a couple with kids. I guess a Ford Flex or GMC Acadia is better for 7 people, but nobody with a family of 5 is going to buy a VW Golf. I don't really factor in 'amount of chrome' for a car, but yes I find the Equinox and Edge to be a LOT better looking than the Nissan Rogue.

  9. edge or equinox? lmfao well those vehicles have more chrome than 50 cent… and you called the rogue ugly? also, these vehicles don't carry 6-7 people, they're 5 seaters just like the golf.

  10. I personally dislike the Rogue AND the VW Golf, the Rogue is ugly and VW's have poor reliability. I say a crossover like a Edge or Equinox is more practical for most modern families that have kids and haul around furniture, sports gear or w/e. If you have a golf, what happens when you buy any sort of large item or have to haul 6 or 7 people?

  11. @stanbernadino of course i don't agree, pickup trucks are just 21st century covered wagons, and it's my personal opinion that suv's are wasteful unless actually used off road.

    for example, the nissan rogue has similar cargo and passenger volume as the vw golf, yet costs more, gets worse fuel economy, and is less fun to drive. what's the point? just so you're 2 inches higher?

    the thing is that i'm 6'5'' and i see no need for big cars, but i'd never stop you from buying one.

  12. I'd rather not have any of them. I have a large sedan now and prefer SUV's and pickup trucks. This is my opinion however, and one I doubt you're going to agree with.

  13. It's not so new cause it's already been on the market for Japan as well as asian market for at least a year already. Great car if u want a cute, reliable, and fuel sipper ride

  14. They ruined it by giving it that ugly as **** goofy smile on the front bumper! Mazda made a HUGE mistake when they decided to put a joker like smiles on the front end of several of their car models. I've even heard from some loyal Mazda owners who won't be buying a new Mazda until that silly smile is worked off of the current models when the next styling updates take place.

  15. i fully understand that, price doesnt always buy good taste, so there are plenty of ugly supercars as well. This one is a cool looking car, but not really justifiably the sexiest car out there. In its class, definitely but not in the entire car world, haha. I got ya though.

  16. @nigelhalfwittt yeah, every manufacturer has a yaris-like now. Course its is easy to outdo the yaris, cheapier interior, worse gas-milage, and less horsepower than its predicessor, the Echo. What was Toyota thinking?

  17. every body's a bloody comedian these days ….. it's compact it's shaply, it's someting i'd think about driving (pardon me if i can't afford a lambo)

  18. ah yes, crossovers. explain something to me. what's the point of a small suv like the nissan rogue that can't go off road, costs over $20k, can't even do 27 mpg, and has the same interior dimensions as a volkswagen golf? yet it's slower, less economical, uglier (in my opinion) and overall wasteful and pointless.

    now please explain to me why you'd rather have a big, thirsty, expensive car that's small (like the rogue) over a small, frugal, fun car that's big (like the golf).

  19. I dislike hatchbacks in general, especially the 4-doors and they usually don't do well in America. Sedans, SUVs pickup trucks and Crossovers are the best sellers here.

  20. not my cup of tea, but if i were in the market for a supermini anyway, i'd buy the fiesta (the exact same car as this, but probably cheaper)

  21. this maybe, but idk how you can think that about the fiesta. the fiesta has been properly styled, and in the american market where some of the ugliest cars ever made sell just fine (pontiac aztec, dodge ram, chrysler sebring, honda accord cross-tourer, honda element, the whole scion range, nissan cube and sentra, nissan armada, current gen lincoln navigator) the fiesta looks like a fucking mona lisa πŸ˜‰

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