'MERICA Burnout Party – Round 2!

SMOKE EM if ya GOT EM!  Sometimes watching isn’t enough, and sometimes waiting your turn takes too long.  Watch these drivers as they create an impromptu BURNOUT PARTY after Street Car Takeover’s Burnout Contest in St. Louis came to an end.  We know these aren’t Aussies, but these drivers just wanted a chance of their own to let their tires scream a little bit of “‘MERICA!”  

*Fair warning – This video wasn’t meant to impress Australians, simple to share some fun in a random parking lot with a massive group of friends & fans 😛
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  1. U do a mad coverage of everything cars, it be street racing/drag/burnout. I'm so impressed by how u capture it all, I love your videos. Thanks for uploading. The comment about our burnout in this videos was tops. I recognise the scene is different from ours to yours regarding burn outs. But I must say u guys need to step your game up, u guys were trying a powerskid by the looks. Watch a Summernats video to see how it's done. Burnouts are a community and would love to see u guys here one day. Props to our Aussie grey charger going to drag week n popping a 7. The world is a great place having our motors run riot

  2. Ahhh good ol burnouts. White, black, brown… We all love them. Turbo, n/a, chevy to bmw, Stock rallys, forgiatos, whatever…. Smoke those tires!

  3. Holy shit your cops were awesome. Aussie burnout parties do go off, but if it were a group smoking it on the streets or in a parking lot, the cops would be hopping out of their cars holding a taser, some lube and a packet of magnums to ream you with. I've known people to be defected for "too low" in cars with stock springs and shocks.

  4. this is great for the environment!!! (NOT!!!) come on u hill billy FUCKS go find something else productive to do like fuck your sis or cousin…..something!

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