Even though it’s similar to other stuff I’ve had/driven – this is a healthy change that I’m beyond excited to shred this weekend! Event details here –


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  1. Lost some respect as they were just bashing Caleb’s work. He did everything he could to make the giveaway as good as he could with what the budget allowed and was also getting ready for a baby to be introduced to the fam. Idk it Just seemed kinda douchey to me. 👎🏻

  2. I'm not going care about this car:
    Purchase car for drift event.
    Purchase wheels and tires.
    Purchase new race seats.

    Year of the flex continues #2019

    Now: A one nighter that you will tell your friends about.

  3. "AWD is DUMB!" – Adam LZ
    "OMG guys, my AWD Evo 5 is like my favorite build ever, so I bought a second one in Australia." – Also Adam LZ
    Nice consistency Adam.

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