New 1200Hp Intercooler Core For The Twin Turbo Mr2!

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  1. When you weld the end tanks to the core, be sure to provide yourself with a gap between the end tank and the intercooler core to allow for adequate penetration. 3/16" sheet is difficult (if not impossible) to achieve proper penetration with if butted tight to the core. You're effectively providing a gap as they do in pipeline welding to provide proper penetration on thick wall schedule piping. I typically factor a 1/8" gap when building end tanks out of 3/16" sheet. I've personally seen 3/16" tanks blow apart on the long tank-to-core welds and had to repair them, with the failure being directly attributed to the absence of this gap and a function of a surface level weld with zero penetration. I hope this makes sense, feel free to message or email me ( if you have any questions.

    Keep up the good work, I look forward to seeing the rest of this project come to fruition!

  2. Try to put chamfers inside of those end caps of the intercooler. It will help with turbulence inside the caps. Every little bit helps.

  3. instead of pulling air from under the car make some side vent air ducts to force air from the top down, i would imagine road / track grime would restrict airflow over time. also, inlet side of intercooler is @ 30.8 in sq. where the outlet is 39.4 in sq. wouldn't the more dense air (outlet) require a smaller size to maintain flow??

  4. How about a duct that leads to rear of the mr2 with some fans on it like the rallycross cars so the intercooler pulls air properly? I don't see it cool properly without the right airflow especially if the trunk is closed and the warm air can't escape

  5. Love the content but with almost a million subs you guys gotta up your game in the audio, video, recording department. You need to hire someone to do the production side of things while you focus on creating content doing what you love.

  6. The airflow situation for that intercooler is very interesting. If you just cut the bottom floor out and had the intercooler flat and level with the floor I don't know if air would pull through or push down through. I think that the venturi effect will suck air down since it's moving by quickly under the car but that will only work at speed and with intake vents to let the air in. Alternatively you could make some kind of scoop on the bottom that would greatly increase the airflow up into the intercooler but then you would have to worry about losing ground clearance. Whatever you do, as long as you have fans on it and vents in the engine lid so air has a place to go in and go out then I think it will be fine. I would probably make a one to three inch deep air scoop that went across the whole bottom of the car and install the fans so they blow the hot air up out of the deck lid. And you could tilt the intercooler a little bit so that the scooped air didn't have to turn a full 90 degrees up into it, but would only have to turn 80 or 70 degrees or whatever tilt you go with. Then the hot air would sort of be going up and back instead of just up and who knows how much that would affect the overall system flow but probably such a small amount that it would be hard to notice.

    I wonder if the ECU is flexible enough to allow you to only power on the intercooler fans only if for instance vehicle speed is under 60mph and throttle position is above 15%. Then when you're just cruisin you don't have to listen to them.

  7. You should look into getting a camera with some better audio capabilities. Or throw a microphone on the one you have if possible. Now that you have the shop space, the sound travels away and it's harder to hear you without turning the volume up all the way

  8. I'd cut between the tail lights where it says mr2 and mount it there make a custom trunk latch on the top of the intercooler 😂

  9. I like the idea of opening holes in the back for air. Not a bad idea with the angle too. I don’t like the idea of any type of scoop under it. At high speeds it could cause lift.

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