NEW TURBO ALREADY! – Dad's R32 Skyline

Originally I wanted to try and find him an RB25 swapped R32, but settled for the stock simplicity of the RB20. Good news is this cool little upgrade will make it a ripper!


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  1. Rb25 turbo on Rb20 only spools 400rpm later than rb20 turbo but feels like 800rpm later because of where it’s at in the rpm range. You have to change normal cruising driving style to feel any boost. Has good midrange gains but still falls off at topend. R33 steel wheel turbos are better than R34 or whatever variant. I had missile R32 w/R33 rb25 turbo, R33 gtr injectors, R33 gtr coils & igniter, intake, exhaust & intercooler that putdown 245whp at Yokohama Bayside Autobacs dyno. This was back in 1990s while living in Japan haha. I owned an R34 GTR Nur spec while R34s were still in production. Haha. It’s funny to see people 2 generation younger copy what we did 20-30+yrs ago as if it’s a new idea.

  2. Be more careful next time, pace yourself you don't need to remove the whole turbo in one day! Dehydration is super dangerous! ❤U

  3. 3:57 I finally made a special wrench to get the turbo bolts…

    grind down/clearance a long, stepped closed end and it works really well at giving you enough room to tighten/loosen

  4. I was excited when I heard what you were going to do in this video. You do deserve a break, but I WANNA SEE MORE! 🙂 Also you do seem a little faked, but on the real. Do what you love Adam and then you will feel that happiness within. Nothing will ever make sense, but when you do what makes you happy it will start to. Always be busy with what you love. Being idle will make you feel worthless. Love you bro!

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