Ram Rules! – 2010 Motor Trend Truck of the Year Winner

Editor-In-Chief Angus MacKenzie explains why the Ram Heavy Duty is Motor Trend’s 2010 Truck of the Year. Read the story here: http://www.motortrend.com/oftheyear/truck/112_1002_2010_motor_trend_truck_of_the_year_winner_ram_heavy_duty/index.html

Shot by: Mike Suggett
Edited by: Mike Suggett


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  1. I am so glad I don't by a truck because it is the most popular thing to do.(FORD)I bought my 2003 dodge ram truck because it was the best truck compared to ford and chevy for what I was going to use it for.

  2. @xStrawberriezx1 im not really a ford guy s much as chevy or dodge , but to me im chevy thanks for the great comment – and ur right a truck is a truck ,- 😀

  3. @JeepMan19007

    Like I said it's the 4×4 capability that AMC gave them. GM of course had the Hummer H1, but that was engineered by AM General.

  4. Without bias, Chevrolet is light years ahead of Dodge in professional off-road racing.. And Actually. The small 4×4 game Chrysler has was stolen from AMC when they bought it.The Wrangler for example is completely American Motors except for for the slight changes such as the engine that only hindered it. Chevy is a concert winner of Baja 1000 many times which Dodge isn't even apart of modern day, which have upgrades like thicker steel, larger approach angles, and much longer travel.

  5. @JeepMan19007

    Huh must have been another comment. The PW only has a 3 inch lift, belive it or not. It's nothing special really. GMC/Chevrolet doesn't use low gearing, because they try to go for speed other than low-end. The extra torque top and low-end from a diesel would overcome any final drive. You can also put in a 5.3 Final drive for around 1.5K with self-installation.

    Chryslers 4×4 technology like quadra drive, and sway bar are AMC's technology, that they bought.

  6. @JeepMan19007

    It's Warn winch not Wam winch, and there cheap. It's really easy if you have a Super Duty, but the GMC is going to cost a lot because of it's independent front. Buit the GMC prides itself in the indi-front advantage of the tire being able to keep parallel to the vehicle body. In other words it considers not having a disconnecting sway-bar as an advantage. With that in mind you only need a 3 inch lift to compare to the PW. Warn whi

  7. @CowsXonXcrack

    I can go to a lift shop and get a live-front axel a 4 inch lift, and a disconnecting sway bar for my HD truck and it would be cheaper than the Flower Wagon, and have much better utility abilities. The Flower Wagon is actually recreational itself. Aint no utility work you need to do with the thing that a regular truck can't do. I can go sideways on a damn mountain, even if the whole truck will be sideways. Look at the Sierra All-Terrain HD. FULLY Independent suspension. FUCK!!

  8. @RansomCowboy

    Uhh Yeah they do sell more. The loan was actually for only 10 Bil. GM got 60 Billion in bailout money. It's down quite a but. And Chrysler is so bad they've been owned by European comanies for basically there whole modern years. Last year Ford did the best. Don't spew bull shit like they almost died. The Raptor can do a shit load more than race in the Desert. The hill Decent controll will make it climb a shit laod better than the Flower Wagon. And it's not "rated" any better.

  9. Im sorry but The Ram only won the 2010 is because Chevy and Ford were still working on theres and now they have pulled away. Chevy Got the 2011, but lets see how Dodge will do now that they have the HO Cummins

  10. @iliveforRATM Yes, but the guy that was talking trash said it that way because the sales are separated from Chevy Silveado and GMC Searra. Like Ford is to Mercury. But yes they are the same ownership.

  11. all you guys hating on the tundra…think about how long its been fighting in the pick-up truck market..what 5 years? and now look at all the other guys..over 30. i think the tundras doing a fucking great job considering toyota has no experience building full size trucks and ford needs to look out for them in the next few years.

  12. This truck is uglier than a war wound and as about as advanced as wood.

    If you're going to spend money on 4×4, get Land Rover Discovery 4. This car has more than 40 international awards

  13. i only drive 2 trucks, a 2001 4×4 Dodge Ram and a 1983 Chevy Silverado 4×4. i will never drive anything else, both are great trucks, but i would like a Cummins…

  14. @thebomb667 No, no, no. Last time i checked, Rams were used for work, Rams were tused to pull loads. Fords were used as a sunday cruise, and chevys are too expensive. BTW 60 %? BS. If it was true, wait 'till they hit 100k miles. You'll get your 60 % right back, so have a good day. 🙂

  15. @m109r1800 No, I don't like the Tundra at all. I never said anything about it being any good. Dodge is the best, then Chevy, then Ford. Tundra is not a truck, its something that old women and "cool" people buy, not anyone that wants the job done right.

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