RIP… What happened to my LS3 350Z?

You can only keep things under cover for so long. Been 2 months now and the car hasn’t existed in a while, so here’s the answers!

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  1. I do have to say Evan in so positive even in the most frustrating situations and I have to say how truly inspiring it is just seeing how much you love and care for all your cars and still have time to make videos and have a personal life it's amazing and o just wanted to say how you've been an incredible roll model for me and lots of other teens and young adults. Keep up the amazing work 👍

  2. Hi Evan if you are watching this i wan't you too now that you saved my life because recently i have been very depressed it's a long story but i love you and every time i am sad i watch your vids and i get happy because of my love for cars so thank you for everything and keep up the good work<3

  3. Why the hell do you always have to use your wife for the thumbnail not even in the video but her looking foolish inside the engine bay or in front of the car doing some foolish pose it's not like she's a hot super model she basic an it's annoying

  4. rule to live by: K.I.S.S.
    Keep it simple stupid.

    no, not calling you stupid, its just a coined phrase i try to apply into the car world

  5. At the beginning when Evan said, hey Google, where is the Z. My google home replied with i dont know, shit fam

  6. You've got a delaminated camshaft my dude!!
    My LS3 (Stock) made a similar noise a while back and luckily I had warranty because it required a rebuild. They tried blaming it on incorrect oil (holden here in Australia) but I've used the correct oil from brand new

  7. I love your videos ever since i started watching your channel I've grown to love it and go home and be excited for another one of your videos they give me peice of mind especially your daily advice it makes my day better love u bro!!!! No homo😂

  8. Hi Evan Shanks! I love your channel and I respect for you as a person. I understand you are getting productive in your media, I think it's best to sell some of those cars because it is not easy working on every car plus trying to modified. I have went through this experience working on cars I have driven trying on getting parts to modified which is a hard task for me. I don't live in United States but buying a car here in Barbados is very expensive and also looking for additional parts to modified plus accessories. When you are keeping cars as a collection it brings too much chaos and confusion on trying to work on them which is not an easy task to do in your livelihood way. I love your channel but don't try putting too many eggs in one basket which will complicate your mediation and your intelligence

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