SLS At The Ring! – Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Laps Nurburgring

At the preview drive of the 2010 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Gullwing in Germany, Editor-At-Large Arthur St. Antoine joined five-time German Touring Car (DTM) Champion Bernd Schneider in the SLS for an unforgettable hot lap around the 13-mile-long Nurburgring Nordschleife, the world’s most fearsome and challenging racetrack. Strap in and hang on…


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  1. actually there is a speed limit over here O.o there are just sections of our autobahn where you can drive without limit. of course you get cought when driving on the wrong one.

  2. You obviously have never driven on a racetrack before? It is the law and they won't allow you in a car without FULL fire protection kit, which includes fire resistant clothing AND GLOVES.

  3. All the dislikes are from jealous idiots that are mad they'll never own this amazing vehicle nor ever drive on the perfection known as the Nurburgring. Racing on The Ring is one of my most memorable experiences and I can't wait to go again.

  4. @mastadriver I did some research, and you're right. They're both 7-speed dual clutch systems so I assumed they were the same internal setup carried over from the MCT E63/SL63. I should get to drive an SLS soon to let you know how much faster they shift – if I can tell! 🙂

  5. @crayman31 Correction. SLS uses Getrag gearbox (btw same gearbox as Ferrari 458 itatlia). SL63 and E63 use AMG tuned Merc's own 7-G tronic without torque converter, it shifts fast but not as fast as dual clutch from Getrag.

  6. @nawzy202 They've put this trans, albeit not in transaxle form, in the SL63 and E63 latest versions, I haven't piloted an SLS yet, though 😛 The shifts make the tail step out because they're so quick in the hardest mode!

  7. benz finally wen't with dual clutch and they did an awesome job.Shifts so fast i think they really did it with this car so trans orientated but still comfy for street

  8. @shaboopie12
    There is no general speed limit on the german autobahn. To drive 155mph down the motorway is noting unusally here. And the 155 is a self employed speed limit by the car producers.
    So therefore getting a ticket of 160mph is easily possible if you oversee the signs an race passed a speed camera, possibly due to a SLS behind you which is chasing you & flashing his lights 😉

  9. @tanner87 Can't agree more. My brother owns a 207 RC (which is nothing compared to the SLS) and I already almost shit in my pants when he drives…

  10. @nawzy202 Its a Dual clutch transmission, they are capable of very fast shifts…something in the neighborhood of 60milliseconds

  11. @SCJohnson77 At those speeds, airbags may not do a whole lot but a helmet is very strong and will protect the head. I would definitely wear one at those speeds.

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