The BADDEST diesel truck on the PLANET!

We decided to try an event that is a little different than we’re used to. There’s still crazy intense drag racing at the Ultimate Callout Challenge, but everything here is diesel powered! The amount of coal rolling and torque is freaking insane! In this video you’ll see this cummins swapped S10 reset the world record for a door slammer diesel in the 1/8 mile! Seeing this thing run in person was absolutely mind blowing. What do you guys think?

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  1. Yeah its 2500hp on diesel, which I assume its making 3500+ torque, how is it these diesel guys don't snap the driveline parts every run?

  2. I would think with a long wheel base of a prostock truck. A shorter wheelie bar, would drive the pinion down and give it more bite at the. I’m not a huge fan of drag racing diesels… but this deal is a race car😎 lol the firepunk dyno vid 🤣🤣🤣 it look worse than NITRO

  3. 1320 Hey Guys love your videos!! I have a Growing youtube channel but i'm not sure the attention i'm getting is good attention! Would love to talk to you guys i'm looking to join your crew with just a camera or anything you guys want! I tried speaking with Eran Barksdale to no avail… Reach out to me guys i'm only trying to find my purpose and love your job!! Love you guys and thx

  4. If you run it on lpg and nitrous. Drop the compression.
    Upgrade from 90mm to 130mm Turbo.
    Then your could respray fuel in the exhaust turbine w/igniters like an afterburner, that would spool up even faster.

    It'd act more like a jet engine than ever.

  5. Last time I checked banks performance has the world's fastest diesel truck. With a duramax. STOP PUTTING SLOW ASS CUMMINS IN DIESEL RACING.!!. 7.0 twin turbo nitrous Duramax goes 6s in the quarter…

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