TT Mustang SCREAMS on Dyno – Nearly 1400hp!

These Hellion turbo kits are KICKING ASS on the Coyote Mustangs! We’ve been seeing more and more lately, and they are making some serious POWER. This Stang was rocking a modified kit, which shortened up the intercooler piping to reduce lag. It seems to be doing well making nearly 1400hp at 26psi! Now THAT’s efficient!
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  1. My uncle has a Chevy s s 10 with a 406 small block stuff for nitrous but no bottles yet it does 6.66 it legit did that he's putting the double size cam I forgot what other upgrades

  2. What a waste of money that's all you got out of a twin turbo my single turbo Supra makes 1763 horsepower and it's a v6 need to put that on fail army 👎

  3. Mine runs 6.90s in he 1/4 but who's counting ? If y'all want a good video come to stl on the 22nd of sep to gateway …

  4. What's up with the blue pads? Is it cuz your constantly working on that junk and don't want to scratch it? Also being a mustang owner I can relate. They should come from the factory like that.

  5. Imagine that bitch leaving cars and coffee it would take out atleast 80 people. That bitch 100 killing people power but only 80 people make it to the wheels

  6. 1 mustang makes good power and everone is like zomgbbq RIP LS lmao. Im interested in a build log of this car… Im die hard LS but appreciate cars built right.

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