TWIN-TURBO CIVIC – D16 Motor build update

Dropping off the D16 at the shop so it can be machined for the twin Taiwan Tranny Trashers!

P.O. Box #2311 609 S. Goliad St. Rockwall, TX 75087
MUSIC: Muse Maker


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  1. Dude accent really had me going for awhile I was so confused, I literally thought, "Did he always talk like this or am I the only one who thinks somethings different" lol.

  2. should have just got the speed factory rods. you dont have to notch the block with them and they bump up the compression about 1 point

  3. Evan I’ve been watching your videos since you still lived with your pops and happy to see you still pushing and accomplishing everything you said you would plus more.. so happy you left Cali too because you belong in Texas and doing your own thing. I get so hyped whenever you post a clip or I get a notification

  4. damn Evan i love your content man your outros always help a ton i hope everything goes well for you and you have a prosperous future and thank you for constant support that you give

  5. I’m in tears… because I want your garage.. mines only full with 07 sti and 19 wrx… Oh and the wife’s Impreza hatch..

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    Thank you for speaking upon this topic‼️👏🏽

  7. You don't have a mid engine car and you like crazy builds. I think you should do a crazy twin turbo fiero with body kit and all. I see mr2 s all the time but not badass fieros. It can be done.

  8. Love the outros brotha there is always gonna be that 1 person that can be positively affected by it and we all appreciate it because we never know when it will be our turn to need to hear what u have to say

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